Memorial to Shaheed Sukhdev

Indian Workers Association (GB) comrades have been active in raising monies in support of a memorial to one of the great martyrs of the Indian Revolution – Shaheed Sukhdev. Comrade Surinder Cheema has recently received a letter from Dr Hardeep Singh, Convenor of the Shaheed Sukhdev Yadgar Committee, Ludhiana, Punjab, acknowledging this work.

Letter of thanks for contribution of funds for purpose of establishing monument at Shaheed Sukhdev Birth Place (Mohalla Naughara) Ludhiana.

Efforts and concern of members of Indian Workers Association (GB) Southall Branch and other co-patriots in the UK are well appreciated by members of the Shaheed Sukhdev Yadgar Committee, Ludhiana. We felt great pleasure in receiving your passionate contribution amounting to £200 in cash and 1,18000/- rupees by cheque, for the cause of establishing a monument at Shaheed Sukhdev’s birth place.

Money received through Comrade S Cheema and Comrade Jatinder Pannu, with thanks.

Dr Hardeep Singh, Convenor. 19 November, 2003.