Issue: July/August 2001

  • 01: War criminals put their victim on trial 01: War criminals put their victim on trial

    In 1999, at the height of Nato’s criminal war against Yugoslavia, a war which was waged in complete violation of international law and the customs of war, and during which NATO committed horrendous crimes – crimes which can aptly be described as crimes against humanity – NATO, turning facts on... [Read more]

  • 03Letter

    Socialist Labour Party report on the General Election7 June 2001,by Arthur Scargill, SLP General Secretary[This is a summarised version of the original report]The General Election of 7 June 2001 took place after four years of a New Labour Government. It was held against a background of reductions... [Read more]

  • Anti-Fascist Battles in Oldham Anti-Fascist Battles in Oldham

    Background and Conclusions for Socialists“center”>On Saturday 26 May, the racial tension that has been steadily growing in Oldham erupted into street battles the like of which have not been seen since the early 80s at Brixton, Toxteth and Broadwater Farm. The build-up to the fighting saw an... [Read more]

  • Israel – No peace without an end to occupation Israel – No peace without an end to occupation

    According to Chinese legend there was a man dying of thirst. The only drink he had to hand was a goblet filled with poison. He was bound to die if he drank it, and equally bound to die if he did not. Israeli Zionism finds itself in the same predicament. It loses if it does not suppress the... [Read more]

  • Letter Letter

    We are very pleased to reproduce this important and though-provoking article sent to us by Teddy-John Frank, International Secretary of the KPML(r). Comrade Frank rightly points out that rioting for the sake of rioting is not an appropriate tactic for the revolutionary working class. Much of... [Read more]

  • Letter Letter

    Following the general election held on 7 June, the Labour Party has been returned to office with a big majority of 167 seats – only slightly smaller than last time. The Conservatives won 167 seats, while the Liberal Democrats increased their representation in parliament from 41 to 52. Labour... [Read more]