Issue: July/August 2014

  • Ukraine: imperialism bites off more than it can chew

    For Washington, everything is going according to plan in Ukraine – except that nothing is going according to plan. Geeing up another “colour revolution” on the borders of Russia in the hope of pulling Ukraine into the EU/NATO bloc seemed to fit perfectly with the long term goals of... [Read more]

  • Fanning the flames of Islamophobia

    In March this year, in the run up to the local government and European elections that were to take place in May, The Sunday Times of 2 March ran an article by Richard Kerbaj and Sian Griffiths about a letter ‘leaked’ to it that had allegedly been written by an Islamic fundamentalist setting... [Read more]

  • Stopping a US inspired movement of counter-revolution. Tiananmen Square remembered

    The hired harpies and lie-smiths of the mass media in the imperialist countries produced their, now usual, major ‘hate-China-fest’ to mark the 25 th anniversary of what they call ‘the Tiananmen Square Massacre.’ The Trotskyist/revisionist/Social-Democratic so-called ‘Left’ in Britain... [Read more]

  • Syria moves forward

    Come election day in the UK, apologists for capitalism are keen to lament the “apathy” which keeps so many would-be electors at home, eager to read a penny lecture on democracy and civic responsibility to anyone so thoroughly sick of all the lies peddled by all the capitalist parties without... [Read more]

  • Poverty and inequality in Britain

    The definitions of poverty are as plentiful as they are differing but whatever your definition, it is undeniable that many more people in Britain, a very wealthy leading imperialist nation, are poorer now than 30 years ago. It is also undeniable that the tiny percentage at the top of British... [Read more]

  • 20th anniversary of the death of Comrade Kim Il Sung

    Comrade Kim Il Sung, the great leader of the Korean people’s struggle for liberation from Japanese imperialism and the establishment and building of socialism passed away on 8 July 1994. As a result the progressive world lost one of its outstanding sons – a first-class Marxist intellectual,... [Read more]

  • The 2014 Indian parliamentary elections

    On 16 May, the results of the 16th General Election in India were declared. These results were as much a surprise to the winning party as to the losers. The BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) emerged from these elections with an absolute majority of seats in the lower house of the Indian parliament... [Read more]

  • The Continuing Revolution in Stalin-Era Soviet History

    INTRODUCTION: At the invitation of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), American academic and author of Khrushchev lied, GROVER FURR, addressed a packed meeting in Lucas Arms, Grays Inn Road, London, on Friday 20 June. In his contribution, lasting... [Read more]

  • Those who promote universal values are the Chinese people’s most dangerous enemy

    On 4 September 2013, Qiushi, organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, published online an article entitled “The Truth about ‘Universal Values’ – The Group Promoting Universal Values Is the Most Dangerous Enemy of the Chinese People,” In view of its significance to... [Read more]