Issue: July/August 2000

  • Zimbabwe election – a defeat for imperialism

     Election resultsZimbabwe’s parliamentary elections, in the outcome of which imperialism had placed high hopes, have proved rather disappointing for it. ZANU(PF) won 62 out of the 120 contested seats, five more than were won by the so-called Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), headed by Morgan... [Read more]

  • The World Trade Organisation

    – an imperialist carve-up threatening to disintegrate The first part of this article was in the May/June LALKAR. Below we reproduce the second, and concluding, part.Part 2BananasTechnically, the Final Act does allow governments to take measures to protect the environment and... [Read more]

  • British imperialism fights to the death for the diamonds of Sierra Leone

    TheNew York Timesof 16 June reports that“a new study by the World Bank concludes that struggle for control of valuable commodities such as drugs and diamonds is more often the underlying cause of civil wars than political, ethnic or religious divisions.” If the World Bank had taken out a... [Read more]

  • American ‘humanitarianism’: Judicial murder of Shaka Sankofa

     Shaka Sankofa, formerly known as Gary Graham, was executed by the state of Texas by lethal injection on June 22 for the alleged robbery and murder of Bobby Lambert, a white drug dealer, in Houston in 1981. He was the 135th person to be executed in the 5 years that George W. Bush has been Texas... [Read more]

  • Rover and Ford – Grand-scale betrayal of the working class

     Longbridge updateWhen the last issue ofLalkarcame out the news had just broken that the notorious Alchemy bid for Rover had fallen through. There was no time to change the text of our article, which went through as written. In any event, the analysis of the crisis of overproduction and the... [Read more]

  • 13: 58 dead refugees killed –

     This issue of the 58 killed refugees was on the front page ofThe Timesof 20 June, and how do they report the deaths of these refugees? Who do they blame? The blame is given entirely to the gangsters who are organising the journeys – “who care only for money, not for the safety of their... [Read more]


    10 June 2000: One year on, since NATO halted its illegal 78-day illegal bombing of Yugoslavia. Undermining International LawImperialism, on 2 June 2000, through Justice Carla Del Ponte, the Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia, in effect announced that while... [Read more]

  • Lalkar salutes Lebanese victory

     Lalkar salutes the Lebanese resistance for its successful struggle in defeating the Zionist forces and their quislings, the so-called South Lebanese Army, which had been in occupation of a fifth of Lebanon for a decade and a half in complete violation of UN resolutions and international law.The... [Read more]

  • 05: 50th Anniversary of the start of the Korean War

     Certain ‘Korea experts’ who claim to be friends of Korea have asserted that the newly-opened Soviet archives provide evidence that North Korea did start the Korean war, against the advice given by Stalin and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. What this archival material is, where it is to... [Read more]

  • Historic Meeting in Pyongyang

     Every cloud has a silver lining goes the saying. The cloud of the 1997 economic meltdown in South Korea appears to have convinced many south Koreans, who previously did well out of south Korea’s subservience to US imperialism, that there is a pressing need to break free from the clutches of... [Read more]

  • LALKAR home page

    LALKARhome pageLALKARis the bi-monthly anti-imperialist newspaper of communists of Indian origin in the UK and contains news and analysis of current events and labour history from the perspective of the proletariat and its struggle for social emancipation, as well as from the perspective of the... [Read more]

  • Hillingdon Hospital – so near and yet so far

     Hillingdon hospital workers have set a shining example to the working class everywhere of stubborn perseverance in a fight to save jobs. It is nearly five years since they set up their picket line after being sacked for refusing to take a pay cut. They have refused every attempt to fob them off... [Read more]

  • Elian home at last

     What a joy and a relief it was to all people of principle and compassion to see Elian back at home in Cuba at last. Ship-wrecked, his mother drowned and cast away amidst the savages of the US Cuban expatriate community – people who have abandoned the country of their birth in order to pursue... [Read more]

  • The local government elections of May 4 –

    May 4 witnessed local government elections in several parts of the country, including London. Although the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Mayoral election in the metropolis attracted the most media attention, for reasons which are by now obvious to everyone, the local government elections in... [Read more]