Issue: January/February 2021

  • Julian Assange: the persecution continues

    There was great jubilation outside Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 4 January when the news was announced that the court had turned down the US government’s request for the extradition of Julian Assange. It has turned out, however, that the celebrations were premature, since Julian was not freed... [Read more]

  • Letter of nomination for Nobel Peace Prize from Mairead Maguire

    1st January, 2021The Norwegian Nobel Committee,Henrik Ibsen’s gate 51O255 Oslo, Norway.Subject: Nomination 2021 Nobel Peace Prize – Julian Assange, Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, Edward SnowdenDear Members of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee,I hope this letter finds you all well.I write to nominate... [Read more]

  • CPGB-ML message of greeting to the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea

    Dear Comrades, please accept our heartfelt greetings on the occasion of the 8th Congress of the Workers Party of Korea. We hope, indeed we are certain, that the Congress will have healthy, vigorous and comradely discussions and debates, and that, while summing up the experience and achievements... [Read more]

  • Trump’s lengthening shadow will paralyse Biden’s bid to carry on where Obama left off

    Trump’s purge of the Pentagon and announcement of troop withdrawals from Afghanistan and Iraq indicate that the president is no less of a thorn in the side of the deep state now that he is leaving the Oval Office than he was throughout his tenure – and possibly more. He appears to be using his... [Read more]

  • India – the largest strike the world has ever seen

    Last year the BJP government of Narendra Modi rushed through the Indian parliament three Farm Bills which at a stroke abolished the old agricultural produce procurement system. Under that system, farmers used to sell their crops to government-licensed middlemen at government-regulated market... [Read more]

  • The global angle to the farmer protests

    Utsa PatnaikReproduced from The Hindu of 30 December 2020, with thanksThe farmers’ movement for the repeal of the three farm laws which affect them closely but have been rammed through without consulting them, has now entered its second month. It is of historic significance. It is not just about... [Read more]

  • Time to end poverty

    On 21 October 2020, 321 Tory MPs voted to deny free school meals to the poorest school children during half term and Christmas holidays – indicative of the heartless cruelty of the ruling class – this at a time when 4.5m UK children live in poverty and over a third of households in this country... [Read more]

  • The Macron government’s attempt to suppress exposure of police brutality

    A draft bill travelling through the French Parliament which would have made it illegal to film French police and military personnel acting with the police seems to have had some of its sting removed by its authors (Macron’s ruling Republic on the Move -LaRem – party) following massive... [Read more]

  • The Big Ride for Palestine and the Labour Party

    Quite apart from the high-profile members of the Labour Party who have been expelled or had their membership put on hold while they are examined for anti-Semitism, another ludicrous affair within that Party has come to the light of public attention.In 2019, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign... [Read more]

  • A very scary Christmas – Israeli airstrikes bring destruction and death

    Reproduced from the If Americans Knew website, with thanksIsrael had a busy Christmas, causing fear with airstrikes over Gaza and Syria, as well as an invasion of the Palestinian town of Kufur Qaddoum as it peacefully protested.By Kathryn ShihadahWhile Americans were busy zooming with loved ones... [Read more]

  • Venezuelans bravely defy US imperialism to vote for government candidates in parliamentary elections

    US, British and European imperialism have shown their complete lack of their self-proclaimed neutrality and impartiality in regard to other countries exercising democratic rights. The response to the 2020 Venezuelan National Assembly elections held on 6 December has exposed the imperialists as... [Read more]

  • Planning reforms don’t address housing shortage

    Building more homes is not the answer unless they are built for those that need them.Amid the Covid pandemic, and as the first lockdown was opening up, the government announced a ‘once in a generation’ shake-up of England’s planning system. On 6 August 2020, the government published the White... [Read more]

  • War in Nagorno-Karabakh

    A Russian brokered agreement affirms central role of Moscow in securing peace on the territory of the former Soviet Union.Peace dealOn 9 November the Presidents of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia and the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) signed a peace deal to end hostilities in the area from 10... [Read more]

  • Where men die and legends are born – Remembering the Battle of Moscow

    By BirioskaA new Saturday, a new early morning, a new trip out of Moscow. Another light breakfast anywhere between the bus and the metro, and a new station to arrive at and from which to depart for a new destination…Dubosekovo.Volokolamsk is a city located 129 km NW of Moscow. My destination, 8... [Read more]

  • Red scare and yellow peril: challenging the New McCarthyism

    By Carlos MartinezFreedom of speech is one of the key trademarks of capitalist democracy. For decades, people living in the West have been brought up with the idea that they live under an objectively superior political system. This assumed superiority derives from a high degree of individual... [Read more]

  • Obituary – Paul Turek

    On the morning of 20th November 2020, our dear comrade, Paul Turek ,of the Wakefield branch CPGB-ML finally succumbed to the widespread cancer that he has been fighting for some time.Paul had been an active member of the Yorkshire District of the SLP and, although not expelled along with the... [Read more]

  • Communist George Blake dies in Moscow aged 98

    George Blake is widely known as the spy who escaped from Wormwood Scrubs, a Soviet double-agent, a cold war warrior who went on to live out his years in peace near Moscow.George Blake, who until the end of his days was revered in the Russian intelligence services, was ideologically committed to... [Read more]

  • On the anniversary of the imperialists’ murder of General Qasem Soleimani: Long may his example shine a light to the Arab masses

    CPGB-ML party statementOur party, which upholds the right of nations to follow their own paths of development without interference from parasitic, imperialist powers, has long recognised and supported the positive role that the Islamic Republic of Iran has played in the struggle of oppressed... [Read more]