Issue: January/February 1999

  • Sierra Leone fights on against imperialist stranglehold

    The news has come through towards the end of December that the rebel army of Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front has made tremendous headway in taking control of vast areas of the country and is now threatening its capital, Freetown. Its avowed aim is once more to overthrow the regime of... [Read more]

  • Scargill Calls for Blair and Clinton to be Charged as War Criminals

    Arthur Scargill, General Secretary of the Socialist Labour Party, said today that Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair and the United States President Bill Clinton are guilty of `cold, calculated murder’ with their unprincipled attack on the people of Iraq.“There is no justification for what this... [Read more]

  • Celebration of the Great Socialist October Revolution (in Birmingham)

    “The workers of the whole world greet us, applaud us for breaking the iron ring of imperialist ties … for raising the banner of peace, the banner of socialism for the whole world to see” (LENIN)For the last five years the October Revolution has been celebrated as a glorious event in the British... [Read more]

  • Labour Government –

    A Bunch of Sleazy ParasitesFollowing the latest sleaze scandal to explode in the face of the Labour government, two powerful ministers, Peter Mandelson and Geoffrey Robinson, have resigned under heavy pressure. Sections of the press greeted the resignations with riotous jubilation. For... [Read more]


     On 19th December, the Southall CSLP were host to the launch of a new book by SLP NEC member Harpal Brar. SLP members from across London heard discussion about the new work at their annual social, from Steve Cowan and other SLP comrades. Steve Cowan, a former ILEA councillor, stressed that the... [Read more]

  • IWA(GB) Condemn bombing of Iraq

    IWA(GB) strongly condemns the unprovoked bombing of the sovereign state of Iraq by US and British imperialism. This is international terrorism not only against Iraq, but also against the people of the whole world. This time US and British imperialism even cast away the fig leaf of UN Security... [Read more]

  • @HEADINGD8 =

    Genocidal War against the Iraqi PeopleFor over a year US imperialism has been seeking the flimsiest of pretexts for attacking Iraq. In February 1998, it had assembled the largest air and naval force since the 1991 Gulf War and was poised to strike. The deal brokered by the UN General Secretary,... [Read more]

  • India: Two lines in search of a third front

    This article, written by Comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya, is reproduced, with thanks, from the December 1998 issue ofLiberation, the organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist).A little more than six months ago, the United Front was in power. Today it is irretrievably lost in... [Read more]

  • Fourth Christmas Picket of

    Hillingdon Hospital StrikersOn 25th December, an enthusiastic band of supporters took Christmas greetings to the Picket Line outside Hillingdon Hospital. Harpal Brar brought solidarity greetings to the strikers and presented them with another £300 which had been collected for these wonderful... [Read more]

  • Great Successes for the Colombian Revolution

    On 7 January 1999 the Colombian government is at last commencing peace negotiations with the Colombian guerrilla forces of FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia) and ELN (National Liberation Army). It has had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the negotiating table, but with an... [Read more]

  • The struggle at the Forges of Clabecq (Belgium)

    By Jo Cottenier and Jean Pestieau, Workers’ Party of BelgiumOn November 26, over a thousand workers and trade unionists held a demonstration in front the Law Courts of Nivelles (a small city 25 km from Brussels), Belgium, against the holding of a virtually unprecedented trial . Thirteen union... [Read more]