Issue: January/February 2020

  • The Brexit election and the death of Project Corbyn

    Rarely has the British public entered a general election with less enthusiasm or interest in the election campaigning and manifesto promises of its contending parliamentarians. Why? Largely because, as a nation, trust and belief in the statements of British bourgeois politicians is at an all-time... [Read more]

  • The Indian people rise up against communalist legislation

    When Indian parliamentary elections first brought the currently ruling BJP government to power it was because of a belief that its leader, Narendra Modi, was a good manager of the economy and would thus bring prosperity to India. In this, however, he has signally failed, adopting policies such as... [Read more]

  • On the General Elections 2019

    “Get Brexit Done” was the battle cry of the Tory party in the general election 2019 whilst Labour was prepared to offer anything but this one simple demand. That three-word slogan was enough. A decisive victory for the Tories, who now have an 80-seat majority, seems to have finished off Project... [Read more]

  • Iraq Stands at a Crossroads

    The protests which erupted in Iraq throughout October and November, culminating in the resignation of prime minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi, did not come out of a clear blue sky.There is no shortage of reasons to revolt against the situation in which Iraqis find themselves seventeen years after their... [Read more]

  • Uighurs in China

    Imperialist powers feeling threatened by the rise of China are relentless in their disinformation campaigns designed to foment unrest and weaken China internally, as well as undermining its international support. The crocodile tears splashed with monotonous regularity all over the bourgeois media... [Read more]

  • Post COP25 – You still must be Red to be Green!

    From 2-15 December 2019, the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) was held in Madrid, Spain, attended by over 17,000 delegates hailing from almost every country in the world. The Conference was held under the auspices of the United Nations based on the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on... [Read more]

  • Surprise, surprise – the rich are still getting richer as the poor get poorer!

    We regularly report on published reports from various bodies that show the (almost) incredible rise in the share of wealth and debt of different classes, regional areas and countries within this world in order to try to open the eyes of workers to the reality of capitalism and imperialist... [Read more]

  • Peterloo in its historical perspective: part 3

    Part 3 (continued from previous issue)Countdown to 16th August 1819In July there was a meeting in Birmingham of 60,000 when a prominent local reformer, Sir Charles Wolseley – not present – had been elected ‘legislatorial attorney’ for the city. This was part of a Radicals’ plan that every... [Read more]

  • Responses of artists and poets to the Peterloo atrocity

    These include the following:The famous satirical cartoon by George Cruikshank (1792–1878), to which he gave the title ‘Massacre at St Peter’s or “BRITONS STRIKE HOME”!!’, depicts the Manchester and Salford Yeomanry (identifiable by their bright blue uniform jackets) striking down peaceful... [Read more]

  • Important statements from DPRK

    Kim Yong Chol, Chairman of Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee issues statementThe US president continues using inappropriate and highly risky words and expressions even after our Dec. 5 warning.On Dec. 5 we made clear our stand that we would keep watching the US president whether he repeats... [Read more]