Issue: January/February 2023

  • Peru’s fragile socialist government ousted by a soft coup

    For decades Peru, like many other Latin American nations, has been trying to become a socialist country. It seemed that fulfilment of this aim may finally be at hand when, in July, 2021, Perú Libre (Free Peru), led by Pedro Castillo, a modest, unassuming school teacher from the high Andes,... [Read more]

  • Price cap stunt will not stop Russian oil trade, only further expose disunity in the Western camp

    Imperialism is in a double bind. It wants to bankrupt the Russian economy, depriving Russia of the oil revenues that were its mainstay and (it hopes) making it harder for Russia to repulse NATO aggression. Yet at the same time it also wants to keep enough Russian oil flowing to feed Western... [Read more]

  • Israel elections – even more racism and nastier fascists

    It is a truism that the inhumanity of Zionism knows no bounds. It is matched only by the immense stupidity of the Zionists and the unflinching certainty that their Israel project will fail and fall!Going into the latest elections many people held the view that the Zionist government could not get... [Read more]

  • Iran and the Western manufactured Hijab protests

    The Western media are harping on relentlessly about great anti-hijab protests happening all over Iran, with ever more violent repression being meted out to those protesting by a ‘vicious and violent regime’. The nail that they are trying to hang this deceitful web of lies on is the story of Mahsa... [Read more]

  • Iran and Turkey give Washington’s Kurdish proxies a rough ride in Iran and Syria

    Failing US hegemony is making itself felt in some surprising ways – and none of them bode well for the imperialists.As the decline in US fortunes continues, all Uncle Sam’s many and various proxy forces in the Middle East are feeling the chill wind of betrayal by their weakening master.As so... [Read more]

  • Yemen’s quest for self-determination continues unabated

    Despite conditions of siege and war, Yemen’s people are finding ways to lay the foundations of a diversified and more self-sufficient economy.After almost eight years of continuous imperialist siege, the Yemeni revolution begun in 2014 is still advancing.Following the popular revolution which... [Read more]

  • Nicaraguan minister delivers powerful message: the Sandinista revolution lives!

    Comrade Valdrack Jaentschke assures a packed British meeting: ‘The FSLN will continue to defend the victorious banner of revolution!’At this year’s October Revolution celebration organised by the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), comrade and guest speaker Valdrack Jaentschke,... [Read more]

  • What is happening in Kosovo?

    We reproduce below with thanks an article published by the Anti-Imperialist Front regarding the serious unrest that has in the last few weeks erupted in Kosovo between ethnic Serbians in the north and the Kosovan authorities. NATO forcibly wrested the Kosovo province away from Serbia in 2008 on... [Read more]

  • Can Lula get Brazil back on track?

    Much has changed since Lula’s first presidency. While the economic situation is far more difficult, international shifts could work in the country’s favour.In another victory for the ‘pink tide’ of leftist election victories once more sweeping Latin America, Luiz Inácio ‘Lula’ da Silva has been... [Read more]

  • What a COP-Out!

    The 27th world conference on climate change took place in Sharm-al-Sheikh in Egypt from 6-20 November 2022. The urgency of action on climate change was set out in his introductory remarks by Antonio Gutteres, Secretary General of the United Nations, who made the following points:• “These climate... [Read more]

  • OBITUARY – Jose María Sisón, 8 February 1939 – 16 December 2022

    The veteran revolutionary anti-imperialist fighter, Comrade Jose Maria Sison, passed away on 16 December 2022. LALKAR sends its condolences to his family, comrades and friends. His life and his work are best summed up in his own words, uttered during an interview he gave in January 2021 to... [Read more]

  • What is really meant by the demand for a ‘general election now’?

    It is true that Rishi Sunak’s appointment was undemocratic. But what do those calling for his ousting really want?In an era of falling voter turnout and general political apathy, calls are once again growing for workers to re-engage with bourgeois democracy; to put their faith in the British... [Read more]

  • Microchips and monopoly – a new front in the global struggle

    As a key driver of manufacturing and technological progress, bourgeois economists are paying increasing attention to the development and manufacture of the new generations of semiconductor microprocessors, and they are not alone. The legislators and ruling class of the chief imperialist powers,... [Read more]

  • Food banks crisis in Europe

    To anyone who has been following the conflict in the Ukraine from the coup through to the callous and wanton butchery of Donbass citizens of all ages, onto the totally necessary Special Military Operation by Russia to save remaining lives of the Donbass peoples, it has been clear that every move... [Read more]

  • The US ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ – blatant protectionism

    US imperialism, not content, through its policy of sanctioning Russia, with depriving Europe of the cheap Russian gas and oil that facilitated Europe-based industries to operate competitively in the world market, has now delivered another shattering blow to Europe and its competitors worldwide... [Read more]