Issue: March/April 2013

  • SYRIA: Warmongers hesitate on the brink

    The proxy war of intervention waged against the sovereign nation of Syria for the last two years has yet to achieve its goal of overturning the legitimate government and establishing a puppet government answerable to imperialism. Despite all the hardships and horrors inflicted upon the Syrian... [Read more]

  • Supplement: 60th Anniversary of the death of Comrade Stalin

    Sixty years ago, on March 5 1953, Joseph Stalin, the architect of socialism and the inspirer of the victory against the mighty Nazi war machine, breathed his last. Just as during his life, so in his death, he continued to be hated as no-one else by the ideologues of the imperialist... [Read more]

  • Stalin: Story of a Great Servant of Mankind who Belongs to the Ages

    JOSEPH VISSARIONOVICH DJUGASHVILI (Stalin) was born in the little Georgian town of Gori on December 21,1879.- His father was a shoemaker, who put him to the local church school in 1888, and to the Theological Seminary at Tbilisi (Tiflis) in 1894. After studying in secret Marxist groups... [Read more]

  • Sunday Times marks Holocaust Memorial Day

    On 27 January the Sunday Times marked Holocaust Memorial Day with an apt cartoon depicting Binyamin Netanyahu building a brick wall with blood red cement and crushed Palestinian bodies. While the Zionists would love us to, and indeed need us to, focus all our attention on the horrors that ... [Read more]

  • MALI: another filthy, predatory imperialist war

    The French-led imperialist intervention in Mali is starting to meet the expected, indeed inevitable, stiff resistance, paving the way for a prolonged conflict. On 25 February, the New York Times reported that nearly 100 resistance fighters had been killed in the fiercest ground battle of... [Read more]

  • Lincoln: the Film, the Man

    Lincoln , Stephen Spielberg’s latest offering, hit US cinemas in October 2012 and opened in Britain in Jan 2013. From the outset, Hollywood was gearing up to declare it an epic – and at 2 ½ hours, it is certainly long. Early in the award season, it earned a ‘best actor’ Golden Globe for... [Read more]

  • Nuclearisation of the DPRK is a force for peace, not a threat

    On 12 December 2012 the DPRK successfully, and entirely on the basis of technology developed and built by its people themselves, launched a satellite into orbit – thus bringing the country right up to date with the facilities enjoyed in most other countries. It is well-established that the... [Read more]

  • Impending introduction of the new Universal Credit benefits system

    For some time communists have been watching to see the exact nature of the reforms which the Tory-LibDem Coalition Government will be making to the benefits system. Letters from Jobcentre Plus and local authorities have begun to arrive through people’s letterboxes, and millions of claimants... [Read more]

  • Abenomics

    The bourgeois financial press has been expressing concern since the beginning of this year about the intention of the new Japanese government to adopt economic measures that promote a target of 2% inflation rather than the deflation that has characterised the Japanese economy for some time... [Read more]