Issue: March/April 1999

  • In Lieu of a Review

    “Challenge to Imperial Hegemony – the life story of a great Indian PatriotUDHAM SINGH” On 31 July 1940 the great Indian patriot, Udham Singh, was hanged at Pentonville Prison for the murder, on 13 March 1940, of Sir Michael O’Dwyer, the former lieutenant governor of Punjab and the notorious... [Read more]

  • Support the Skychef workers

     On Saturday 20 February, a meeting was held in Southall in support of the Skychef workers, who have been picketing the Skychef premises at Hatton Cross round the clock for the last three months, since they were sacked (273 of them) for going on a one-day official strike (see Comrade Adesh’s... [Read more]

  • Reclaim Our Rights

    Launch of the London Region of Reclaim our RightsGrand Committee Room, House of Commons, 2 February 1999 The London Region RECLAIM OUR RIGHTS campaign was launched in the Grand Committee Room of the House of Commons on 2 February 1999. The room was packed out, with some 500 people attending,... [Read more]

  • @HEADINGD8 =

    Suresh Grover, manager of the Monitoring Group, the anti-racist pressure group based in Southall, which is representing the Reel family, gives his viewpoint on the police investigation into the death of Ricky Reel.The Reel family face 1999 with their grief over the loss of Ricky compounded by the... [Read more]

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    Ocalan handed over to the butchersOn the evening of Monday 15 February, Mr.Abdullah Ocalan, the highly-respected and much-loved leader of the PKK (Workers’ Party of Kurdistan) – the party representing the national aspirations of the Kurdish people of south eastern Turkey – was handed over by... [Read more]

  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) on Monopoly Super Profits

    By Prabir PurkayasthaReproduced fromPeople’s Democracy, January 10, 1999, with thanks.The current controversy on the changes to India’s Patent laws, the resistance to the Monsanto seed trials and Microsoft’s troubles with the anti-monopoly authorities are all aspects of the drive of global MNCs... [Read more]

  • No Future for Longbridge under Capitalism

    The Midlands could be plunged into economic depression as a result of the crisis of overproduction in the car industry. Tens of thousands of workers may soon be unable to afford even to ride in buses. Why? Because they have produced too many cars!When during early February the bourgeois press... [Read more]

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    Institutionalised Racism in Police – OfficialAs we go to press, the provisions of the report resulting from the inquiry by Sir William Macpherson into the murder of the black teenager, Stephen Lawrence by five white youths have been leaked to the press (the Macpherson Report is due to be... [Read more]

  • Freedom for Ocalan

    Freedom for the KurdsBy David Morgan The kidnapping by Turkey of Abdullah Ocalan, leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), has provoked the justified outrage of Kurds throughout the world. The underhand methods used and the images of his maltreatment that were released by Turkish television... [Read more]

  • Support Socialist Labour Party in Welsh Assembly, Scottish Parliament and European Elections

     SLP Political Education SchoolThe Socialist Labour Party East and West Midlands Regions held a Party School over the weekend of 13-14 February 1999 to introduce participants to the principles of Marxism. There were sessions on the question of `What is capitalism?’, `What is socialism?’,... [Read more]

  • NUM and SLP Delegations Visit to Cuba

    Report by Harpal Brar This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Cuban revolution, which overthrew the tyrannical Batista regime and set the Cuban people on the road to independence, freedom, dignity, prosperity and socialism. To coincide with the 40th anniversary celebrations, a British... [Read more]

  • The Immigration and Asylum Bill –

    a plot to evade Britain’s Geneva Convention obligationsThe Immigration and Asylum Bill presented to the House of Commons on 9 February 1999 should have been entitled the Elimination of Asylum Bill. The Explanatory Note issued by the government in order to spell out the Bill” intentions admits in... [Read more]