Issue: September/October 2014

  • WORLD WAR I – 100th Anniversary: TIME FOR THE TRUTH

    Historical background to World War 1 (Introduction by Ella Rule to a CPGB-ML meeting on 9 August 2013) Our purpose this evening is to mark the 100th anniversary of World War I by making sense of it so that we can learn its lesson and mobilise as necessary to avoid a repeat of what... [Read more]

  • Warmongers 1914: A Little Bourgeois History

    “…up to now it has been thought that……myth-building…. was only possible because printing had not yet been invented. ………on the contrary. The press and the telegraph, which spread their inventions over the whole earth in a second, fabricate more myths….in one day than could... [Read more]

  • Ukraine: the resistance soldiers on

    Reports coming through from the south and east of Ukraine suggest that, despite the considerable material superiority of the Kiev junta’s military equipment, wild boasts that the resistance struggle is all-but “mopped up” reflect a good deal of wishful thinking on the part of the usurpers and... [Read more]


    LALKAR and CPGB-ML launched a campaign to buy a printing press to replace the one that is very much on its last legs. Comrades have responded to this appeal and given generously: so far we have collected just over £18,000, but we need at least £12,000 more. We APPEAL to comrades,... [Read more]

  • Islamic State: More dirty work from imperialism

    The so-called Islamic State (IS), the terrorist army which came of age fighting for the imperialist subversion of Syria and has now swarmed across northern Iraq committing the vilest atrocities, is serving the interests of imperialism in two main ways. Firstly, as regards Syria, it is... [Read more]

  • Israeli fascism fails to defeat the brave Palestinian resistance

    The kidnapping in June of three Israeli settlers was used as the excuse the Israeli state needed for launching operation “Brother’s Keeper” and then operation “Protective Edge“. In the days which followed the kidnapping, Israel went to war with the Palestinian resistance, first covertly, ... [Read more]

  • The Continuing Revolution in Stalin-Era Soviet History

    INTRODUCTION: At the invitation of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), American academic and author of Khrushchev lied, GROVER FURR, addressed a packed meeting in Lucas Arms, Grays Inn Road, London, on Friday 20 June. In his contribution, lasting about 50 minutes,... [Read more]

  • Ferguson Missouri – Imperialism at home

    Around lunchtime on Saturday 9 August in the city of Ferguson, which is an overwhelmingly black suburb of St Louis, Missouri, two young black men are walking down a street when a police car pulls up. Here ends the reported events that all can agree on. From this point the accounts of what... [Read more]

  • International Solidarity Barbecue 2014

    On 26 July, at Saklatvala Hall in Southall, members and supporters of the CPGB-ML gathered to celebrate the ending of the Great Fatherland War in Korea and the storming of the Moncada Barracks in Cuba. Joining the festivities were representatives of the embassies of the DPRK, Cuba and China... [Read more]

  • 1914-1918 (a poem)

    Lie! Lie dead bodies in the muddy ground Lie in your thousands mutilated and torn Lie and no one will care ere many years are gone. What have you fought for? Why have you suffered? You will never know. You could not know. If only you knew. If only you... [Read more]