Issue: March/April 2011

  • British Imperialism on the fiddle in Uganda

    William Hague, former Conservative leader and current Foreign Secretary, has personally intervened in a dispute involving two British oil companies and one of the world’s poorest nations.Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act revealed that Hague, along with Conservative MP... [Read more]

  • The causes of the Tunisian revolution go well beyond Ben Ali and his party

    Interview with Mohamed Hassan, a former Ethiopian ambassador, and leading expert in the politics of the Middle East and the Arab and Islamic world generally.Interview conducted by Grégoire Lalieu and Michel Collon on 1 February  2011, i.e., after the Tunisian revolution but before the downfall of... [Read more]

  • Private Finance Initiative – chickens come home to roost!

    As the cuts in public spending, jobs, wages, benefits, services etc., resulting from the crisis of over-production, still only in the early stages, begin to bite harder, the lie machine of social democracy (the agents of imperialism within our ranks who seek always to lead us down the road of... [Read more]

  • Palestine Papers – A nail in the coffin of the two-state solution

    The publication of the Palestine Papers by Al-Jazeera, and by The Guardian, has come as a great shock to those who believed that Israel and/or the US ever sincerely sought to bring peace to Palestine through the 2-state solution that was agreed in Oslo.  Indeed, they have made it clear that they... [Read more]

  • National Shop Stewards’ Conference

    The Socialist Party gets it half rightThe decision taken by the National Shop Stewards Network at a special conference on 22nd January to put its growing weight behind a national anti-cuts campaign, with organised labour at its core, is welcome news.  The rising tide of popular support amongst... [Read more]

  • Sinn Fein make solid gains as Irish voters eject government

    The political map of the Republic of Ireland has undergone an unprecedented change as a result of the general election held in that state on 25 February 2011.Occurring against the backdrop of the impact on Ireland of the eurozone crisis, which has seen Ireland forced into a humiliating £72... [Read more]

  • Egyptian Revolution – Harbinger of a revolutionary transformation in the Middle East

    In developments of great magnitude, wrote Marx, “Twenty years are no more than a day – though later on days may come again in which twenty years are embodied” (‘Letter to Engels’, 9 April 1863).The current revolutionary struggles in Tunisia and Egypt furnish yet more proof of the correctness of... [Read more]

  • Storming the Heavens – 140th anniversary of Paris Commune

    In the wake of the two-month-long Franco-Prussian war of autumn 1870, which saw the French capitalist state resoundingly defeated (with its self-styled emperor, Napoleon III, being captured on the battlefield) and witnessed the birth of a united Germany, the workers of Paris briefly established,... [Read more]

  • China in Africa

    The following article is based on a speech delivered by a representative of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) at a meeting, ‘Evolving China and Africa Relations – an alternative to Western domination?’, organised by A Just African Movement for Unity... [Read more]