Issue: January/February 2001

  • On the US Presidential Election

    Normally elections in the US, presidential or congressional, are pretty mundane and boring affairs as contending parties, the Republicans and Democrats who dominate US electoral politics, are in total agreement with each other on all the major issues of domestic and external policy of the United... [Read more]

  • Condemn the prison massacres by the fascist Turkish state

    The death fast that is taking place in Turkish prisons has claimed the lives of, it is thought, fifty prisoners or more – mainly through the terror methods adopted by the fascist Turkish state to try to bring it to an end. The death fasters, and the reaction of the Turkish state to them, has had... [Read more]

  • 06Greenwich & Bexley IWA(GB) Rally

    On Sunday 12th November the Greenwich and Bexley branch of the Indian Workers Association (Great Britain) held a rally attended by 200 people. The programme for the day was of revolutionary poetry, humour, theatre (due especially to IWAGB comrades who came from Birmingham for the day) and dance... [Read more]

  • Institutional Racism:

    A comment on the recent controversy aroused by Mr William Hague’s remarksRacist outbursts by leaders of bourgeois political parties are invariably a sign of the nearness of the next election. The recent outburst by the Tory leader, William Hague, is no exception. In his speech to the Centre for... [Read more]

  • Continuing Israeli oppression and Palestinian resistance

    The Al-Aqsa Intifada, born out of Zionist settler oppression and brutality, and the heroic Palestinian resistance to it, continues unabated. Since the last issue ofLalkar,the death toll has reached 350, all but 38 of the dead being Palestinians, including 13 Arabs within Israel. In addition,... [Read more]


    CELEBRATING THE OCTOBER REVOLUTIONOn Nov. 11th, organised by the Committee to Celebrate the October Revolution, a grand rally, attended by more than 250 people was held in the City Club, Wakefield. Prof. Vic Allen chaired the meeting and, apart from Comrade Arthur Scargill, Harpal Brar and... [Read more]

  • Nice Summit:

    Nice Summit:Repartition, not unification, of EuropeTo say that the recently-concluded Nice Summit, which took place from 7-10 December 2000, lacked the grand sweep of its predecessors and may not have been as significantly fundamental as the Single European Act or the Maastricht Treaty (which... [Read more]

  • Letters

    We publish below words of appreciation for LALKAR written by some its subscribers. Three of the letter writers have also sent us money. Comrade Paul Phillippou has sent us £25 by way of donation, Penny Moffat sent us £10, and Nora Ridley also £10. We thank these comrades for their donations... [Read more]

  • The inequitability of Equitable Life

    As is well known, the state pension, paltry and inadequate though it is, is a target for the stingy welfare benefit slashers who are forever seeking to enhance the profits of the billionaires at the expense of the poor. At one time they were slightly restrained in their greed by the fear that... [Read more]

  • DPRK to open embassy in London

    Nearly half a century after the end of the Korean war, in which the DPRK held off the mighty concerted assault of US and British imperialism and their allies and was able to survive to build socialism, reason has finally prevailed and the UK agreed on 12 December 2000, after a week of talks in... [Read more]