Issue: January/February 2008

  • Split in Respect deepens crisis of revisionism

    Yet another attempt to fashion a “mass” party to the left of Labour appears to have ended in tragi-comic farce, with the formal split of Respect into two groups, a rump under the total control of the Trotskyite Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP); and “Respect Renewal”, set up by George Galloway MP... [Read more]

  • The revolutionary programmes of British Communism

    The Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) was formed in 1920 (the Unity Convention in London started the process which was completed at the Leeds Unity Convention in January 1921).The parties/groups that came together to take that most historic step for the British proletariat... [Read more]

  • Maoism in India – a brief report

    The latest issue of Monde Diplomatique (English edition) has given extremely useful information about the successes of the Maoist movement in India, about which one generally hears very little – as indeed one heard very little about the Nepalese Maoist movement until it had effectively conquered... [Read more]

  • Klaus Barbie: Nazi butcher and CIA agent

    Klaus Barbie, the Nazi of many guises orHow the US secret services recycled the butcher of LyonFor an hour and a half, the film director Kevin MacDonald gives voice to former CIA agents, to retired Bolivian generals, to former French resistance fighters who had undergone torture, and, finally, to... [Read more]

  • Kim Jong Suk – a revolutionary heroine

    Reactionaries in imperialist countries, as well as a multitude of petty-bourgeois elements who like to think of themselves as Marxists, are very derogatory about the fact that when the great revolutionary leader Kim Il Sung died, leadership of the DPRK passed to his son, Kim Jong Il.  Never mind... [Read more]

  • On Bhagat Singh

    Gandhi, with his characteristic perversity – a perversity in consonance with the interests of the bourgeois-landlord classes of which he, and the Congress Party he led, were the chief representatives – condemned Bhagat Singh and his fellow revolutionaries variously as “deluded patriots”, “men... [Read more]

  • Benazir Bhutto

    As we go to press the news has just come through about the violent death of Benazir Bhutto.  There is not time to include an analysis of this development, so an article will appear in the next issue of our fraternal paper, PROLETARIAN.  In the meantime, for an analysis of the situation in... [Read more]

  • Defend Aamer Anwar!

    The threatened prosecution of Scottish solicitor Aamer Anwar for contempt of court is a grotesque assault on the right to effective legal counsel. It is also aimed at intimidating those who oppose the government’s “war on terror”, a racist campaign stigmatising Muslims as a pretext for sweeping... [Read more]