Issue: March/April 2010

  • Yemen: It’s democracy that the US is fighting, not Al Qaeda

    A pair of trousers catches fire in an aeroplane close to Detroit and missiles rain down on Yemen.  Is this what is called the butterfly effect?  For Mohammed Hassan, the terrorist threat is only an excuse.  In this latest chapter in our series ‘Understanding the Muslim world’, our specialist... [Read more]

  • The future, it seems, is not orange in the Ukraine

    In 2004 the people of the Ukraine were treated to US imperialism’s non-invasion method of controlling a state that is not doing what is required by the US.At that time the government was pro-Russian and led by Viktor Yanukovich, the President. The West backed Viktor Yushchenko against him in an... [Read more]

  • Soong Ching Ling and the Women’s Movement in China

    If on the occasion of International Women’s Day we wanted to find some striking proof of the ability of women to transform themselves and society through courageous struggle, there could be no better place to start looking than the history of revolution in China.  To learn more about this... [Read more]

  • The Funeral of Comrade Jack

    On 1 February 2010 the funeral of Comrade Jack Shapiro was ably and sensitively conducted by his dear granddaughter Genia. There were moving addresses by his three beloved daughters, Rosalind, Susan and Doreen. His colleagues from the RNID and Tinnitus Association paid tribute to his... [Read more]

  • Jack Shapiro lives forever in our hearts

    It is with the deepest grief that the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)  announces that our beloved Comrade Jack Shapiro, Honorary President of our Party and of Hands off China!, passed away from illness in the early morning of Friday 29 January 2010 at... [Read more]

  • When the ‘wild’ proved more educated, by Majid Sheikh

    When the British conquered Lahore in 1849, Lord Dalhousie, the Governor General, declared that he would educate the “wild illiterate Punjabis” in a new system of Anglo-Vernacular education. When they started the East India Company Board was shocked by what already existed.The board was amazed to... [Read more]

  • Palestine: Two States?  History has moved on

    There has been no “peace process” since at least 2000.  The “road map” to a supposed “Two State Solution” exists only as a fig-leaf to cover the continued expansion and consolidation of settler land grabs on the West Bank, the genocidal siege on Gaza and the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem.  Yet... [Read more]

  • The struggle of the Workers’ Party of Korea towards the solution of the women’s issue

    A century has passed since March 8 was set as International Women’s Day in support of progressive women in their struggle for independent rights and equal development of women.The women’s issue is, in essence, an issue of social emancipation of women, half the world population, to enable them to... [Read more]

  • Meeting sends birthday greetings to Comrade Kim Jong Il

    On 13 February, Friends of Korea held a panel discussion at Marx Memorial Library in London. With the title ‘Defence of the DPRK is a must!’, the discussion included the importance of the stand of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea against imperialism and its refusal to be intimidated.  It... [Read more]

  • Hail to the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day

    It was at the 1910 International Conference of Socialist Working Women in Copenhagen that German Marxist leader Clara Zetkin first raised the idea of organising an International Working Women’s Day to mark the important victories of women workers in the US and to provide a focus for women around... [Read more]

  • Sinn Fein host a successful conference

    Sinn Fein’s decision to host a London conference in February on the theme Putting Irish Unity on the Agenda was a good one.  The timing turned out to be particularly happy, with the DUP having recently accepted the inevitability of key decisions over the future of the occupied Six Counties... [Read more]

  • Debt crisis in Greece – a harbinger of rev storms to come

    Greece’s financial problems have been dominating the pages of the financial press throughout the months of January and February, since they represent a huge embarrassment to the eurozone, of which Greece is a member.What has set off what is being called “the Greek tragedy” is a downgrading in... [Read more]

  • Labour set to fight   the next election on a racist ticket

    Regular readers of this paper will not need convincing of the racism of all the bourgeois parties, including Labour, as we have, over the years, presented irrefutable evidence in abundance of this fact.  So much that it could now be described as a ‘well known’ fact.  However, the problem with... [Read more]

  • Claudia Jones, communist

    Today is Mother’s Day. Claudia Jones too thought often of her mother. At a party given for her in New York, Claudia spoke about the early influences that pointed her in the direction of communism:“On this, my 37th birthday, I think of my mother. My mother, a machine worker in a garment factory,... [Read more]

  • It is not the BNP but the Labour Party that needs exposing

    BECTU members received the following email from their union in February:“I am writing to let you know about EXPOSE, a new campaign of media workers and students – journalists, technicians, designers, musicians and actors – that is dedicated to exposing the British National Party as the racists,... [Read more]