Issue: July/August 2002

  • Economic Crises and Possibility of a Major World Crisis

    I would like, first of all, to express my sincere gratitude to the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Belgium for inviting us to this seminar and to convey our friendly greetings to all comrade delegates attending the seminar. The mankind that has just entered the 21st century is faced... [Read more]

  • WorldCom – symptom of a sick system

    Following close behind the Enron scandal, we now have the bankruptcy of another major US corporation, Worldcom, which has triggered huge stock exchange falls, not only in the US but also on all other major western exchanges, including the UK’s. We learn from this latest collapse that yet again... [Read more]

  • PALESTINE: Smash Operation ‘Determined Path’

    No sooner had Israel finished its operation ‘Defensive Shield’ in April, wreaking massive destruction on Palestinian towns and a veritable holocaust in Jenin, declaring that it had destroyed the infrastructure of terror (i.e., Palestinian resistance to occupation), than the liberation forces... [Read more]

  • On the Israeli Occupation

    Picture this: Picture a group of people from various parts of the world, with absolutely nothing in common with each other than their religious beliefs (not a ‘nation’ by any stretch of the imagination), demanding that you give over your country to them. Picture a situation where, having been... [Read more]

  • People’s war marches on in Nepal

    Until recently, very few people in the West have been aware that for the last six years, Maoist guerrillas in Nepal have been waging a revolutionary struggle against a reactionary feudal regime. In a country where the mass of the people are impoverished by feudal relations combined with... [Read more]

  • Extreme prejudice: The Hague tribunal and the trial of Slobodan Milosevic

    “We are the judges Mr. Milosevic, and we have judged that you will have forty-five minutes to cross-examine this witness.” Judge Richard, May 7th June 2002. To spend one day at The Hague Tribunal is enough to confirm the worst of suspicions. What is actually taking place in the heart of... [Read more]

  • My Visit to Korea

    Between 15 and 22 June, in my capacity as the President of the Society for Friendship with Korea (SFK), I visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) at the invitation of the Korean Committee for Friendship with the British People (KCFBP). The occasion for my visit was provided by... [Read more]

  • The Threat of War between India and Pakistan

    From week to week, the likely site of the next phase of crisis-driven war fever shifts. All that remains constant is the world capitalist crisis itself, which is what has brought us all to this pass. Current speculation over the likely death toll that could result from an Indo-Pak nuclear... [Read more]

  • Communalist outrages in Gujarat

    India is a country where life for most of the population is precarious at best. Exploited and oppressed, the people seethe with hatred as a result of the injustices that are their daily lot. The Indian ruling classes, however, have always been masters at deflecting the hatred of the oppressed... [Read more]

  • Book Launch: Imperialism in the Middle East

    “He who would understand the economics and the politics of the Middle East from the beginning of the 20th century, must learn to spell, pronounce and really grasp the significance and meaning of just the word – OIL.“This single word furnishes the key which unlocks the door to an understanding of... [Read more]