Issue: March/April 2017

  • President Trump – a loose cannon on the imperialist deck

    On 20 January 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America. In his inaugural address, far from jettisoning his campaign rhetoric, he stuck to it with a ferocity that surprised his opponents and supporters alike. In the words of the New York Times, Mr... [Read more]

  • ‘Regeneration’ – a racket to destroy London’s social housing

    Over the past few years a new London wide policy has emerged of building new, mainly private housing on the sites of demolished council estates. Extravagant promises are usually made about providing replacement numbers of new high quality social housing on these sites but these generally turn out... [Read more]

  • Railway strikes and their union ‘leadership’

    Since April 2016 the RMT, the railway guards’ union, has been struggling to hold the line against attempts by Southern Rail, subsidiary of Govia Thameslink (GTR), to universalise the practice of ‘driver only operation’ (DOO). Under this system, guards are stripped of all their operational... [Read more]

  • Labour in crisis

    Troubles in the Labour PartyHistorically it is the Tories who have torn themselves apart over Europe. Today it is the Labour Party which does so. Whilst Ken Clarke was the only Tory MP to vote against the government’s Article 50 bill, 52 Labour MP’s defied the party whip in voting against the... [Read more]

  • Tareck El Aissami – Communique from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Ministry of the People’s Power for Foreign Affairs

    The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela strongly condemns and rejects the arbitrary and extraterritorial actions by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), of the Department of the Treasury of the United States of America (USA) against the Executive Vice-President of the Bolivarian Republic of... [Read more]

  • Ukraine: provocation against Donbass backfires

    The end of January saw an escalation in the violence in the Donbass. Fascist militias, backed up by the regular army, launched a series of assaults on the civilian population. Under covering shell fire from the Ukrainian army, paramilitaries infiltrated the disengagement line, in clear violation... [Read more]

  • Cuba – encouraging childbirth

    New legislation was passed in Cuba to ensure greater maternity protection for working mothers, with the aim of encouraging a greater birth rate and addressing population aging.Author: Yaima Puig Meneses internet@granma.cufebruary 10, 2017Marked by population aging and an increasingly low birth... [Read more]

  • SYRIA – Progress towards final victory for the Syrian people

     AstanaThe first successful attempt to bring the ‘armed opposition’ into a common peace process with the Syrian government began on 23 and 24 January in the Kazakhstan capital of Astana. Further talks ensued on 6 February and continued on 15-16 February. These talks, brokered by Russia and... [Read more]

  • SYRIA – the real news

    On Friday 17 & Saturday 18 December Vanessa Beeley, independent journalist recently returned from Aleppo, reported on the liberation of that city to two meetings organised with the support of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) in Bristol and Birmingham respectively.In Bristol... [Read more]

  • Revisionists appraise the year ahead

    Robert Griffiths, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Britain, has outlined the revisionists’ perspectives on the international and domestic political situation at the start of 2017. We recommend all readers take ten minutes to read it in full... [Read more]

  • J. V. STALIN – The International Character of the October Revolution

    This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Great Socialist Revolution in Russia. It was an epoch-making event which changed the world and which continues to shape our present-day reality. The October Revolution was not a purely Russian phenomenon; it had, and has, great international... [Read more]

  • Zionism – a racist and anti-semitic ideology, part 3

    Part IIIThe non-Semitic origins of modern JewryThe Zionist claim to the territory of Palestine bases itself on the premise that according to the Old Testament of the Bible, taken literally, God promised that land to the Jews after they escaped from slavery in Egypt. Not only did God promise the... [Read more]

  • Crisis in the NHS

    It is a reflexion of the ordinary people’s attachment to the National Health Service that the People’s Assembly, Labour Party, KONP, the TUC and a hatful of other organisations keep calling on us to demonstrate to ‘save the NHS’. There are even Tories calling on us to save the much-loved health... [Read more]

  • Yet another attack on RT

    Following on from the article in the last issue of LALKAR regarding the dirty tricks being used against Russia Today (RT) and other Russian news providers to (a) portray Russia in a bad light claiming that the Russian government dictates what RT and others say/print (who owns the BBC again?) and... [Read more]