Issue: November/December 2001

  • Oppose this imperialist, predatory war!

    On the evening of 7 October, US imperialism, with the full support and participation of British imperialism, unleashed a brutal war of aggression against the Afghan people, already suffering the devastating effects of a proxy war waged by the very powers who are today raining death and... [Read more]

  • Terrorism – a definition

    The word ‘terrorism’ is much used in our daily lives through the media of television, newspapers, the internet or conversation and yet in takes on different meaning depending on who is using the word and what it is in relation to. The definition in the Oxford Reference Dictionary is “the... [Read more]

  • The Significance of the September 11th Events

    “Every crisis”, observed Lenin, “casts off the conventional, tears away outer wrappings, sweeps away the obsolete and reveals the underlying springs and forces.” In making this observation, Lenin had in mind the epoch of crisis for the nations of western Europe, and for the entire imperialist... [Read more]

  • The British Left and The War Against Imperialism

    Every day throughout the world an estimated 55,000 people are killed by malnutrition. Many more are killed by diseases that are easily preventable. Behind these deaths lie the many agreements forced upon the oppressed nations by bankers, politicians and generals from across the imperialist world.... [Read more]

  • Bush and Blair do genocide

    [Read more]

  • Railtrack crash

    Railtrack, the company to which the government sold British Rail’s tracks, signals and stations for what was considered at the time (1996) to be the bargain-basement price of £1.8 billion, has gone bust. On Sunday 7 October the government announced that it was using its powers under the Railways... [Read more]

  • Palestinian state within sight

    In the last (September-October) issue of Lalkar, we stated the following in connection with the murder of PFLP leader, Abu Ali Mustafa, by the Israeli state: “With Mustafa’s assassination, the Zionist establishment will have no one but itself to blame if the Palestinian resistance decides, as it... [Read more]