Issue: September/October 2020

  • Hands off Belarus

    On 9 August Belarus went to the polls to decide which out of five candidates should be chosen as president. The announced winner was the incumbent, Alexander Lukashenko, with 80% of the vote. His nearest rival, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, attracted just 10% of the vote, whilst the other three trailed... [Read more]

  • Tragedy in Lebanon

    LEBANON has been hit by a triple whammy. In order of occurrence this consists of: economic collapse, coronavirus and the demolition of half of its capital, Beirut, by a massive explosion caused by fire coming into contact with a gigantic store of ammonium nitrate warehoused near its port. There... [Read more]

  • Grenfell Tower: cladding the culprit, but who is to blame?

    It has been more than three years and yet the families and friends of those who lost lives, were injured and lost their homes in the atrocity that occurred at Grenfell Tower are still a long way from seeing any conclusion to the public inquiry.The second phase of the inquiry, on hold since March... [Read more]

  • Modern monetary theory – the Magic Money Tree

    ‘Modern Monetary Theory’ (MMT) is one of the latest fads offered as an easy solution to the fundamental problems of capitalism, pushed by the ‘left’ wng of the Democratic Party in the US and the Corbynistas in Britain. It presents an apparently easy weapon with which to slay their conservative... [Read more]

  • Celebrating the Korean victory in the Fatherland Liberation War on the 70th anniversary of its outbreak

    Unable to hold its annual anti-imperialist barbecue because of coronavirus restrictions, the CPGB-ML instead on the evening of Thursday 23 September held on online meeting celebrating the Korean victory in the Fatherland Liberation War in 1953 and the meeting was a great success, with more than... [Read more]

  • 200th Anniversary of the birth of Frederick Engels

    28 November 1820 – 5 August 1895This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth, and the 125th anniversary of the death, of Frederick Engels, the co-founder, along with Karl Marx, of scientific socialism, and one of the great teachers of the modern proletariat.The name, and contribution, of... [Read more]

  • Syrian and Libyan oil: Washington’s hand in the till

    Syria: daylight robberyDespite the clear failure of the western-backed jihadi war of subversion against Syria to impose a change of leadership, thanks to the courageous resistance of the Syrian Arab Army and the fraternal assistance of Russia and Iran, imperialism continues in its efforts to... [Read more]

  • Support the Cuban medical disaster relief team’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize!

    MESSAGE OF SUPPORT FROM THE EDITOR OF LALKAR: To the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee, Berit Reiss-Andersen Via Online through the Website: SirIn my position as the editor of LALKAR, a leading voice of the Indian... [Read more]

  • Nissan redundancies

    As the overproduction crisis continues to hit the auto industry worldwide, Japanese carmaker Nissan is planning £2.3bn worth of cuts globally by laying off workers, intensifying the work of the remaining staff and closing down plants. When the company announced the closure of its Barcelona... [Read more]

  • Papa John fails to deliver

    Papa John’s pizza shops (PJ), contrary to their folksy name, are a massive American chain with over 350 franchises across Britain and 5,000 franchises elsewhere. The franchises are managed locally by numerous franchisees.On Saturday 25 July, workers and ex-workers gathered outside the Papa John’s... [Read more]

  • Gulf states’ pact with the devil

    On 13 August the normalisation of relations (the Abraham Accords) between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel was announced in a fanfare of flags and smiles from the leaders of both sides and the US president Trump, who is taking credit for brokering this ‘peace’ deal of the century.It is... [Read more]