Support the Libyan resistance against imperialism

At the moment the situation in Libya is fluid and changing with every passing day.  We shall have to await the outcome of the struggle taking place before making a thorough analysis of the present phase of the imperialist predatory war against Libya.  Meanwhile we issue the following brief statement.


On 19 March 2011, using the fig leaf of UN Resolution 1973, and on the pretext of saving civilian lives, the principal imperialist powers launched their predatory war against the Libyan people with the aim of changing the Libyan regime, replacing it with a clique of puppets, and grabbing the country’s fabulous mineral riches.  Since the start of this unjust and predatory war, this fraternity of imperialist bandits has launched nearly 8,000 bombing attacks on Libya, which have killed thousands of innocent civilians, destroyed television transmitters, power stations, schools, hospitals, residential compounds and mosques and de-commissioned 70 per cent of Libya’s water facilities.  The denial of electricity and water anywhere, but especially in a desert country like Libya, is to deny life and is tantamount to mass murder; it is a war crime and a crime against humanity.

The neo-Nazi Nato alliance, which took over the command of the Libyan war on 31 March, has been guilty of an orgy of indiscriminate bombing, wholesale destruction of the wonderful infrastructure Libya had built over the last four decades; flourishing cities and towns have been reduced to rubble in a manner reminiscent of Nazi blitzkrieg tactics.  On 31 August, tellingly, a spokesman for the imperialist stooge NTC (National Transitional Council) estimated that since the start of this war the number of Libyans killed – both civilians and combatants – had risen to 50,000.  Thus, the war to ‘protect civilians’ has resulted in a carnage, which gives the lie to the alleged humanitarian concerns of the principal blood-thirsty imperialist powers.

Through a combination of massive bombing, intelligence operatives, sleeper cells, disinformation campaigns and economic sanctions, it would appear that imperialism has managed to overrun vast areas of Tripoli, though not all of it.  Revealingly, the NTC, which claims to be in complete control of Tripoli, has so far not dared to set foot in the capital. Its members find it much safer to parade themselves as servile lackeys of imperialism in the French Presidential Palace in Paris.

The ruling classes of the US, Britain, France and Italy, as well as the revolting swine from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf statelets, can barely contain themselves at the prospect of turning the Libyan clock back 42 years to the days when the corrupt Libyan monarchy allowed Standard Oil to dictate Libya’s petroleum legislation and furnish the military bases for the US and Britain.

Things never turn out how you expect, dear boy”, once remarked the former British Prime Minister, Harold MacMillan.  Imperialists may be celebrating too soon, for they might yet be unpleasantly surprised by the unfolding events in Libya over the coming weeks and months.  Large parts of Libya, including Sabha and Sirte, the birthplace of Colonel Gaddafi, and a stronghold of his Gaddafifah tribe, remain under Government control, while Colonel Gaddafi and his son, Saif al-Islam, remain at large. In an effort to reduce Sirte, Nato war planes are busy subjecting it to saturation bombing, while their Libyan puppets attempt to lay a medieval siege on a major centre of population that could result in massive casualties.

Colonel Gaddafi and his loyalist forces have defied a puppet ultimatum to surrender Sirte or face a military assault.   Treating this ultimatum with the contempt it deserves, in his speech of 1st September, the Libyan leader uttered the following defiant words in a broadcast: 

“Traitors can not be respected, they will be finished

They work for colonisers, no one likes colonisers, it is impossible to accept a colonisation, everyone will fight against traitors and their bosses. There are too many problems between the traitors and NATO!

Libyans will not surrender and will not accept to be governed like animals

Too many were martyred for our land to be free, we will not allow their deaths to be in vain! Keep going, keep fighting, don’t be afraid of them, each tribe should make their own checkpoints and should control their own territories, all the tribes are armed, keep fighting.

Destiny of Libyans will not be in the hands of some insignificant traitors!

NATO is afraid of Libyans, that’s why they destroyed everything, bombed the phone lines, TV station, they thought that they will silence our voice, but they failed, we will fight them in every city and village, we are not afraid!

Colonisers used all kind of technology to try to silence my message to you

They are even afraid of my voice.. They know that if the Libyans hear my voice it will be dangerous for them and their traitor-servants, so they cut all communication. They are afraid of our voice, which means that this is a weak colonialisation. If it was strong, then why did they cut our communication to silence the truth, why did they make you listen only to their radios and TV channel, they want you to listen to their lies about the situation on the ground and to make you surrender, they want you to be afraid of them, because they are running out of money to continue the fight.

I will say it again, they are afraid of us, they are weak!

NATO said that it is dangerous for them to leave our radios working , they know it’s dangerous for them if tribes called each other. We will not give Libya to France just like that, we will fight and make them spend… spend until they are gone. Nobody can control the tribes, they are all armed, Sirte, Sabha, Ben Walid, Tarhona, all these tribes are armed, no one can control them. I say, let the bullet speak.

Libyans will fight, we will fight very strongly, we won’t give up!

Those traitors are cowards, they will run away.

The fight will go on and the traitors will surrender because they don’t have enough people to support them, Libyan tribes will never surrender!

Continue fighting even if you don’t hear my voice!”

Whatever the outcome of the battles for Sirte, Sabha and other places still under Government control, one thing is certain, namely, the Libyan people will not meekly submit to imperialist diktat.  All else failing, they will revert to the sort of guerrilla tactics with which they have so often in the past defeated many a foreign aggressor, including the Italians.

Support the heroic resistance of the people of Libya led by the Libyan Government of Colonel Gaddafi!

Death to imperialism!