London Underground Strike

On Wednesday, 30 June, the London underground workers, belonging to the RMT transport union, held a successful strike. The strike became necessary as the talks in the long-running pay and conditions dispute broke down. The strike was fully supported by the staff with only a handful of trains running. Several million commuters had to use alternative methods, including walking, to reach work, while huge numbers stayed at home. While some strikers unfurled a banner outside an underground station in East London reading: “11th commandment – thou shalt not cross a picket line”, Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London and the darling of the Troto-revisionist fraternity, shamefully declared his intention to cross the picket line. Unless the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of the staff there could be more strikes in the offing, which we hope other workers will support, and for which the blame will lie squarely on the shoulders of the London underground management.