Month of Action in Solidarity with Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea


The Society for Friendship with Korea held its annual picket of the US embassy on Friday June 25, the anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War.

This picket was of particular importance this year in the face of the recent armed confrontation between the DPRK navy and the navy of the US puppet south Korean regime which resulted in the sinking of a north Korean navy vessel. It is extremely important to denounce the fact that US imperialism continues to harass the DPRK militarily 46 years after the conclusion of the Armistice agreement and that no peace accord has yet been signed, because US imperialism refuses to conclude any peace with communists. The possibility of the US renewing its attempts to capture the north by force is always present, although the unpleasant memories US imperialism has of its defeat in 1953 restrain it.

It is significant that members of the CPB and NCP – organisations which still call for a Labour vote in spite of Labour’s intimate involvement in the imperialist bombing of Yugoslavia – did not this year attend the picket. In theory they oppose imperialism, but when it comes to practical action – voting for anti-imperialist parties or picketing the embassy of the Labour government’s ally, US imperialism, that’s a different matter!

The Society for Friendship with Korea also held a meeting at London’s Conway Hall on 8 July to mark the fifth anniversary of the death of the great Marxist-Leninist Korean leader, Comrade Kim Il Sung. This meeting was addressed by Comrades Dermot Hudson, Ella Rule and Hugh Stephens, who all gave interesting and informative presentations on the subject of important contributions of Comrade Kim Il Sung to the Korean and international communist movement. Comrade Dermot’s contribution covered Comrade Kim-il-Sung’s leadership of the Korean liberation struggle and the building of socialism; Comrade Ella’s covered the special contribution made by the Korean revolution under Comrade Kim-Il-Sung’s leadership to the emancipation of women; and Comrade Stephens focused on the Juche idea, which of course originated with Comrade Kim Il Sung. Summaries of these presentations will be produced in the Autumn issue of the Society’s Bulletin.

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