CPGB-ML demands end to Libyan slave trade

libyaAll men are created equal?

We believe that all men are created equal – yet around the world today our brothers and sisters are in chains. Our souls cry out in anger and pain when we see slave markets re-born in Libya, in the 21st century. How has humanity arrived at this shameful and humiliating place?

We believe that the colour of a man’s skin should have no more significance than the colour of his eyes. Yet the country we are are born in, the economic position of our parents and the colour of our skin – events of accident, of chance – profoundly affect the life chances and life expectancy of all human beings on our planet today. How can this be? And how can we bring reality into accord with our cherished principles and beliefs?

While demanding the abolition of this disgusting rebirth of chattel slavery, we are keenly aware that the majority of humanity’s population today are degraded and enslaved not in this direct manner, but by their wage-slavery, by impoverishment and immiseration at the hands of capitalism, greedy for maximum profit regardless of the human and environmental cost.

Libya today and yesterday

So why has classical chattel-slavery re-emerged in Libya? One does not need a long memory to recall that in 2011, NATO waged a war of regime change, using a new model, since transported to wreak havoc in Syria.

Today’s Libyan ‘Government of National Accord’ is, the poisoned fruit of that genocidal NATO campaign. This rag-tag coalition of Islamist puppets spends its time squabbling over the spoils of Libya’s faltering economy, which spills into frequent armed conflict, while the country they have betrayed lies about them in ruins. The GNA is an imposed ‘Vichy’ comprador government. It does not represent and is not responsible to the Libyan people.

As such, NATO bears direct responsibility for the composition and actions of its junior partners, up to and including, inter-alia, its ongoing campaigns of murder and rape in Libya to impose a backward social code, its terrorist outrages committed in Libya and elsewhere, (such as the Manchester Bombing in May 2017),  its involvement in trafficking displaced migrants who are drowned in their thousands trying to cross the Mediterranean, to escape poverty in sub-Saharan Africa – and as a profitable off-shoot of this, actual slave trading.

NATO and the Islamists; an unholy alliance

NATO’s new method, trialled in Libya, consisted of assembling a proxy army of Islamic jihadi rats (including a few Libyan traitors, but principally composed of IS and Al-Qaeda mercenaries, whitewashed with the high sounding appellation ‘National Transitional Council’) on the ground; supported by a ‘No Fly Zone’ imposed by the USA, Britain, France and Italy, who assembled their fascist might in the form of overwhelming naval and air-power, to rain cruise missiles, death and destruction on the legitimate armies, administration, civilian infrastructure and population of the independent sovereign and progressive Libyan Nation.

Without NATO arms, logistical support and air-power, there is no way this rag-tag bunch of feudal mercenaries – now engaged in slave trading – could ever have toppled the progressive, secular and popular government led by Muammar Gaddafi. During the 2011 war, literally millions of Libyan citizens demonstrated to show their support for their government, cheering on Gaddafi, who defied the aerial bombardment to salute the crowds from the back of a jeep.

Imperialism seeks domination, not democracy

USA’s first ‘African-American’ president, Barak Hussein Obama oversaw the Libyan coup, providing a sober and credible figurehead for what was in fact a barbarous, anti-democratic, colonial war waged against a small, peaceful and prosperous North-African country. We wonder if Trump could have pulled it off with such aplomb? Moreover, it was a war waged on behalf of huge American and European financial interests motivated not by the wellbeing of the people, as they so hypocritically claimed, but solely by money, and driven on by the pressures of the capitalist financial crisis, that entered an acute phase with the banking collapse of 2008.

Libya has huge oil reserves, and on the basis of its previous export of oil, it had significant financial reserves amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars – the Libyan sovereign wealth funds – which were seized by international capitalists in the US and Europe as part of its financial war. These have since been rehabilitated and access granted to their new Islamist puppets, who use it as directed. The plunder of Libyan oil and Libyan gold were NATOs true goals.

War Propaganda

None of these realities, well known to us at the time, were reflected in our national media. Their coverage (including from our beloved ‘impartial and objective’ BBC) that accompanied NATO’s Libyan genocide was a one-sided campaign of war-mongering lies that would have made Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, blush.

Having kick-started the murderous proxy rampage, NATO employed its well-worn tactic of claiming that a civil war was going on, and that NATO forces should be deployed to ‘protect the Libyan people’ against their own government!

Then US secretary of state Hillary Clinton cackled with glee when her rats overran Sirte, lynched black Africans (the predominantly black-skinned Libyan occupants of the Eastern town of Tawergha were early victims) and finally murdered and mutilated the President himself, screeching triumphally on live national TV “We came, we saw, he died!”

While the NATO bombardment and slaughter continued, the imperial propaganda machine went into overdrive, and no-one could avoid the big lies from Obama, Clinton and Cameron – or the smaller ones coming from opposition leaders like British Labour Party leader ‘red’ Ed Miliband.

 Working-class resistance neutralised

Imperialism takes great pains to demobilise the working class when it is fighting its unholy and unjust wars. A noteworthy example was made by Britain’s misnamed “Stop the War coalition” in 2011.  Political nonentities like John Rees (Counterfire Trotskyist) jumped on the imperial bandwagon to praise the ‘workers councils’ of the jihadi slave-drivers, claiming that there was a popular revolution going on in Libya, and using his Trotskyite sectarian drivel to pour abuse on the anti-imperialist Libyan leader, Colonel Gaddafi. Stop the War, who love to claim credit for organising the 2 million-strong march against the Iraq war in 2003, went so far as to organise a march IN SUPPORT of the war on Libya, protesting outside the Gaddafi government’s Libyan embassy in London, together with members of the IS in Britain.


We Demand:

1.  An end to Slavery in Libya.

2.  Equal rights for all citizens of our world, regardless of race, nationality or skin colour.

3. An end to NATO and British government support for Libya’s slave trading ‘Government of National Accord’, and other proxies.

4. An end to NATO and British Government wars and interference in the affairs of independent nations. Their genocide must not be committed in our name.

5. An end to the system of exploitation that leaves 5 billionaires as wealthy as half the population of our planet (3.5 billion human beings). It is this poverty that leaves our fellow workers at the mercy of every exploiter and charlatan; it is this poverty that leads to their mass migration in search of escape from the prison of poverty and war.

6. An end to the victimisation of economic migrants, and equal rights and humane treatment for migrants who land on our shores.

7. In accordance with the UN charter, we support the right of self-determination for all nations on earth. We note that, far from upholding this right, the UN is increasingly used by the US and NATO as a cover for colonial wars to destabilise and overthrow independent nations.

8. We refuse all propaganda that in any way dehumanises or degrades the value of life of our brother workers from the exploited nations. We note with disgust that, even as Tory PM David Cameron was destroying Libya as a haven of stability and prosperity in Africa, he was decrying those fleeing the regime of terror he had installed as “a swarm of migrants.”

African Lives Matter!