Solidarity Resolution in support of the Communist Party of Cuba, proposed by the Workers’ Party of Korea

The imperialists are becoming more blatant in their attempts to topple the socialist system in Cuba.

The recent anti-government protests in Cuba are a product of the relentless manoeuvres against the country staged by the US over a long   period of time to obliterate the Cuban revolution.

Since the victory of the Cuban revolution, the US has committed  ceaseless acts of military intervention, subversion and sabotage as well as  economic blockade against Cuba under its scheme to stifle the first socialist  country in the Western hemisphere by all means.

Lately, the US, in collusion with a handful of counter-revolutionary   elements in Cuba, has been doggedly resorting to psychological conspiracy warfare and tactics of social disruption in order to undermine people’s faith in the Communist Party and socialist system, and create and aggravate political instability in the country.

The reality shows that ‘peaceful co-existence’ the US advocates is only a sly trick to find an easy way of fulfilling their aggressive ambition by instilling illusions about capitalism into anti-imperialist and independent countries.

The nature of imperialism never changes.

The lessons of history testify that we can defend the gains of revolution,   socialist system and people’s dignity only when we do not indulge in any kind of fantasy about imperialism, but constantly intensify the struggle against it.

The US is terribly mistaken about the unyielding faith and will of the  Communist Party and people of Cuba who had opened up their way to the socialist cause with their blood and have stood strong and pulled through the protracted sanctions and blockade imposed by the imperialists and all other  hardships.

Communist and Workers’ Parties greatly appreciate the will of the Communist Party of Cuba to protect the sovereignty and dignity of the country and defend the socialist system to the end, resolutely opposing the vicious attempts of the US to topple its system, and we express strong solidarity with the Communist Party of Cuba.

Communist and Workers’ Parties oppose and condemn in the strongest   terms the immoral US sanctions and blockade against Cuba and demand that all sanctions which violate the Cuban people’s rights to existence and development be lifted.

Communist and Workers’ Parties will consistently and actively support and encourage the struggle of the Communist Party of Cuba and the Cuban government and people to firmly defend and advance the cause of socialism.