Renegacy of Stop The War

On 2 March 2022 the Trotskyite-revisionist led Stop The War coalition convened a meeting at Conway Hall in London to protest about the war in Ukraine. Comrades who attended noted the following:

All the speeches consisted of

1. self felating for previous mobilisations against the Iraq war,

2. Russia bad and should immediately leave Ukraine.  Russia accused of committing war crimes (only speaker who added any content as to why Russia had taken these steps was Tariq Ali, who still portrayed Russia as the aggressor and Putin as a despot).

3. meek opposition to NATO with empty and nonsensical calls for dialogue and diplomacy between Russia and Ukraine.  Devoid of any insight that the ruling class of Ukraine is a pawn in the hands of imperialism.

4. commending the bravery of the dupes and 5th columnists in Russia protesting

5. speakers kept stating how much pressure they were all under for their principled opposition despite their position and NATO’s position being the same (i.e., Russia out).

6. Jeremy Corbyn gave a speech with as little substance as the rest of them and reaffirmed his belief that all wars are bad, making no distinction between just and unjust wars.  Among his words of wisdom were the following:

We must fight for peace … But when we say ‘fight’, we don’t really mean one should fight.  It is not good to fight“. Despite such inanity, or perhaps because of it,  he was treated like a rock star by by audience but cleared off immediately after his speech.

7. There was one solitary mention of the deaths inflicted on the people of Lugansk and Donetsk by the Ukrainian army over the last eight years.

8. A Sinn Fein MP on the platform embarrassed himself by following the exact same line as the rest of the speakers.

9. All the literature from the ‘left’ groups available portrayed the conflict as being between Russian imperialism and Ukraine, which should be fought against, or at best as an inter-imperialist struggle between Russia and NATO on which we should remain neutral as they are as bad as each other.