LALKAR is a bi-monthly anti-imperialist newspaper written in Britain. It contains news and analysis of current events and labour history from the perspective of the proletariat and its struggle for social emancipation, as well as from the perspective of the oppressed people and their struggle against imperialism and for national liberation.
Articles from current issue - July/August 2014
---> Ukraine: imperialism bites off more than it can chew
---> Syria moves forward
---> The 2014 Indian parliamentary elections
---> Fanning the flames of Islamophobia
---> Grover Furr: The Continuing Revolution in Stalin-Era Soviet History
---> Tiananmen: Stopping a US inspired movement of counter-revolution
---> Poverty and inequality in Britain
---> 20th anniversary of the death of Comrade Kim Il Sung
---> Those who promote universal values are the Chinese people's most dangerous enemy
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Without a revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement