• Israel’s path to self-destruction

    Some factsIsrael’s genocidal war against the Palestinian people has been going on for over eight months, during which:• 37,780 Palestinians have been slaughtered, including 548 in the West Bank – most of them women and children. This does not include the 10,000 still buried in the rubble;• At... [Read more]

  • Russia and the DPRK: Traditions of friendship and cooperation through the years

    Article by Vladimir Putin in Rodong Sinmun newspaper, June 18, 2024On the eve of my state visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, I would like to address the Korean and foreign audience of the Rodong Sinmun newspaper to share my thoughts on the prospects for partnership between our... [Read more]

  • All the weapons of the West

    The imperialists are finding out to their cost that it is people, not weapons, that are ultimately decisive in war.On 5 June, during a visit to the town of Kiryat Shmona, near the Lebanese border of northern occupied Palestine, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel was... [Read more]

  • Depleted Israeli military on brink of collapse

    As the Israeli army faces severe personnel shortages, fatigue and desertion, and with their political leadership focusing on personal survival, a top Israeli general is predicting that the end of Israel is near at hand.By Dan CohenThis article is reproduced from Uncaptured Media, with... [Read more]

  • Ukraine – a futile imperialist peace summit

    Back in May, without making much of a splash in the mainstream press, China and Brazil presented a joint proposal to start peace talks that would include both Kiev and Russia. Unlike the sham peace talks being planned by Switzerland to take place in Lucerne, the China/Brazil talks would include... [Read more]

  • A specific communist’s perspective of a general election

    A lot has changed since the general election of 2019 and, from the British working class’s perspective, none of it has been positive. From this writer’s personal perspective, the fact that I am a now committed communist has been transformational. It’s important to explain a little of my journey... [Read more]

  • Revisionism and the general election

    The opportunism and dogmatism of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB), and its predecessor organisation the Communist Party of Great Britain post 1951, is well known to all genuine Marxist-Leninists and anti-imperialists. The fateful decision taken in 1951 to advocate for supporting the Labour... [Read more]

  • European Elections – austerity and war mongering, genocide supporting parties routed

    Elections to the European parliament across the 27 countries of the European Union took place between 6-9 June. The results of these elections are as below:The overall voter turnout across the EU was 51.07%, ranging from 89.82% in Belgium to 21.35% in Croatia.Although the EU elections are not... [Read more]

  • STALIN on the Labour Party and on NATO

    Apropos of the Statement of Mr. Morrison [the British Foreign Secretary ot the then Labor governement]Mr. Morrison has put forward two sets of questions: questions concerning internal politics and those dealing with external politics.Internal PoliticsMr. Morrison affirms that in the Soviet Union... [Read more]

  • Declassified UK – an ideological defence mechanism of imperialism in its final death throes

    How the imperialists allow criticism of past offences in order to whitewash the crimes of the present.Declassified UK is an online media publisher consisting of a group of journalists and editors under a board of directors funded by big capital (‘trusts and foundations’), according to its... [Read more]

  • The United States has to take Cuba, once and for all, out of the list of states allegedly sponsoring terrorism

    Statement by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign AffairsAccording to U.S. official media reports, on 15 May 2024, the country’s State Secretary submitted to the Congress one more of the arbitrary reports that normally describe countries without any international mandate or recorgnition. This time, he... [Read more]

  • Interview to Pravda Correspondent Concerning Mr Winston Churchill’s Speech at Fulton, March, 1946 [‘Iron curtain’]

    Source: J.V Stalin on Post-War International Relations, Soviet News, 1947Reproduced from Marxists Internet Archive, with thanksTOWARDS the middle of March, 1946, a Pravda correspondent requested J.V Stalin to clarify a number of questions connected with Mr Churchill’s speech at Fulton, USA. Below... [Read more]

  • The Indian election result

    BJP and Modi brought down to earthThe 7-phase multi-week election in India ended on 2 June. 642 million of the 1 billion registered to vote actually did vote. From the relatively small states like Uttarakhand to the huge provinces such as UP (Uttar Pradesh – which has more registered voters than... [Read more]

  • South Africa – The unfinished liberation struggle

    “We do not agree to this marriage of convenience to consolidate white monopoly power over the economy and the means of production. This is a grand coalition between the ANC and white monopoly capital” – Julius Malema – Commander in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters -Speech to the South... [Read more]

  • Julian is free at last!

    On 24 June 2024 Julian Assange was at last freed from the notorious punishment jail, Belmarsh, following a plea bargain deal made with the US authorities.  It was agreed that he would be freed in return for pleading guilty to one of the lesser charges levied against him – conspiracy to obtain and... [Read more]

  • New Caledonia’s indigenous population demand freedom

    The Kanak inhabitants of the islands before the French seized it and colonised it in 1853, want control of their homeland returned to its inhabitants.  They want sovereignty for their islands, although today the Kanaks only comprise 40% of the population.  The remainder are settlers, for the most... [Read more]