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  • On the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War and the International Brigades

    [Issue: September/October 2016]

    ” From all Peoples, from all races, you came to us like brothers, like sons of immortal Spain; and in the hardest days of the war, when the capital of the Spanish republic was threatened, it was you gallant comrades of the International Brigades, who helped save the city with your fighting... [Read more]

  • In defence of the DPRK’s proletarian  internationalist history and traditions

    [Issue: July/August 2011]

    One important aspect of the current international situation is that, faced with the steady rise of the People’s Republic of China and with the steadfast adherence to anti-imperialist and socialist principles on the part of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, both countries are subjected to... [Read more]

  • Obituary of Annette Beaumanoir, an anti-fascist, anti-imperialist heroine of our times

    [Issue: May/June 2022]

    Annette Beaumanoir was born in Brittany, France, in 1923. Her father, Jean, came from a wealthy family but was cut off with a shilling when he insisted on marrying his beloved, Marthe, the daughter of a lowly farm worker. The family was progressive and anti-fascist, with Jean and Marthe... [Read more]

  • A critique of “Britain’s Road to Socialism” in the 21st century – The Programme of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) – PART TWO

    [Issue: July/August 2021]

    ImperialismThe BRS wisely informs us that “the chief characteristics of imperialism, therefore, are monopolisation, colonial or – in countries that have won formal political independence – neo-colonial super-exploitation, inter-imperialist rivalry and war.”Lenin defined the chief characteristics... [Read more]

  • Death of last British veteran of Spanish Civil War

    [Issue: November/December 2016]

    Stan Hilton, the last surviving Briton who fought in the legendary International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War, died today [Friday 21 October 2016] in Australia, aged 98.Stan was a 19-year-old merchant seaman when he jumped ship in the port of Alicante in November 1937. The Spanish people... [Read more]

  • The Chinese volunteers who fought in the Spanish civil war – their amazing courage and obscure fates

    [Issue: September/October 2016]

    To mark the 80th anniversary of the start of the Spanish Civil War LALKAR is pleased to reproduce the following article by Gary Jones, with thanks. Illiterate farmers, manual labourers, civil servants – some 100 Chinese joined the International Brigades helping fight General Franco’s fascists... [Read more]

  • Ukraine: Imperialism pours oil on the fire

    [Issue: January/February 2015]

    Statements made on one day by ‘President’ Poroshenko about making a ‘real’ cease-fire are contradicted the next by the leader of the Rada, Turchinov, who demands that the so-called ‘anti-terrorist’ operation must continue “until the end“. A prisoner exchange agreed one moment is sabotaged the... [Read more]

  • History: Britain’s communist party

    [Issue: September/October 2011]

    In our society, where the fields of information and education are as much dominated by the monopoly-capitalist ruling class and its state as are culture and what passes for politics, tackling questions of working-class history – and, even more, the history of the British communist movement – is... [Read more]

  • Fortieth Anniversary of Olympic ‘Black Power’ Salute

    [Issue: November/December 2008]

    The sixteenth of October marked the 40th anniversary of the high-profile protest made by two US athletes against their own racist imperialist ruling class at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. That morning, Tommie Smith won the 200m gold medal in a world record time of 19.83 seconds, with Australia’s... [Read more]

  • ‘Land and Freedom’ – Trotskyism squared

    [Issue: July/August 2008]

    18 July this year marks the 72nd anniversary of the start of the Civil War in Spain. The fascists in Spain, led by General Franco, rose in rebellion against the Spanish Republic. The Francoites were supported by the armed forces of Mussolini’s fascists and German Nazis, while the... [Read more]

  • DPRK’s nuclear deterrent and the 6-Party Talks

    [Issue: March/April 2007]

    On Saturday 24 February another major demonstration was held in London against the US and British governments illegal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. It attracted some 60,000 people, filling Trafalgar Square, and the march was decidedly hostile to the Labour government that has been... [Read more]

  • Dismembering history: How Trotskyism “remembers” the Spanish Civil War

    [Issue: September/October 2006]

    2006 sees the 70th anniversary of the fascist rebellion which triggered a three-year people’s war in defence of the Spanish Republic against General Franco’s fascist rebels, who were lavishly assisted by German and Italian fascism, and were further strengthened by the embargo on supplies to the... [Read more]

  • Iraqi resistance and our attitude towards it

    [Issue: September/October 2004]

    The left wing movement in the imperialist countries is quite confused on the question of how to judge and how to support the Iraqi resistance. This confusion, however, is primarily due to a mixture of basic ideological weaknesses and lack of information about the leading forces and alliances of... [Read more]

  • Maurice Levitas

    [Issue: March/April 2001]

    Obituary of a fighter against fascism and for working class emancipationMaurice Levitas, a fine comrade and friend, died on 14 February 2001. Maurice will be well known to regular readers ofLalkarfor the numerous occasions he contributed to meetings reported by us held on the subject of the... [Read more]

  • Israeli persecution of Palestinians
    taken to a new level

    [Issue: March/April 2023]

    Since the start of 2023 until 30 January we saw 35 Palestinian people murdered by either the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) or the even more blood-thirsty (if that is possible) Zionist settler movement, a fact which is marked mostly by its near total absence from the TV and newspaper reports... [Read more]

  • Price cap stunt will not stop Russian oil trade, only further expose disunity in the Western camp

    [Issue: January/February 2023]

    Imperialism is in a double bind. It wants to bankrupt the Russian economy, depriving Russia of the oil revenues that were its mainstay and (it hopes) making it harder for Russia to repulse NATO aggression. Yet at the same time it also wants to keep enough Russian oil flowing to feed Western... [Read more]

  • Support the Cuban medical disaster relief team’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize!

    [Issue: September/October 2020]

    MESSAGE OF SUPPORT FROM THE EDITOR OF LALKAR: To the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee, Berit Reiss-Andersen Via Online through the Website: SirIn my position as the editor of LALKAR, a leading voice of the Indian... [Read more]

  • Hong Kong and the British government’s servile stupidity

    [Issue: July/August 2020]

    The latest anti-China hysteria being provoked in the UK around the protests in Hong Kong and China’s supposed culpability in connection with the coronavirus pandemic amount to nothing more than the screams of rage of a fading imperialist power confronted with a power which is swiftly rising to... [Read more]

  • Ukraine: “Chaos eats our country”

    [Issue: November/December 2018]

    With parliamentary and presidential elections looming in 2019, Ukraine is descending deeper into self-inflicted chaos whilst the Kiev junta continues to blame all its troubles on Russia.Shown on main-stream opinion polls as lagging way behind former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko in the... [Read more]

  • Kiev Junta turns its back on Minsk II

    [Issue: March/April 2018]

    Since 2015, when the last peace deal, Minsk II, was agreed between the ultra-nationalist junta in Kiev and the people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, co-signed by France, Germany and Russia, the junta has paid ever scanter lipservice to the agreement whilst in practice doing everything... [Read more]