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  • Statement of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab illegally hijacked by US imperialism

    [Issue: November/December 2021]

    My name is Alex Nain Saab Moran with Venezuelan diplomatic passport number 045778720. I am a special envoy with diplomatic immunity to the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran since April 2018 and Venezuelan Ambassador Plenipotentiary Alternate to the African Union.I was hijacked... [Read more]

  • Venezuelans bravely defy US imperialism to vote for government candidates in parliamentary elections

    [Issue: January/February 2021]

    US, British and European imperialism have shown their complete lack of their self-proclaimed neutrality and impartiality in regard to other countries exercising democratic rights. The response to the 2020 Venezuelan National Assembly elections held on 6 December has exposed the imperialists as... [Read more]

  • Iran smashes the blockade on Venezuela

    [Issue: July/August 2020]

    In a stunning display of solidarity and courage, Iran has successfully dispatched five Iranian-flagged tankers loaded with petrol to Venezuela, asserting the legal right of the two countries to trade with whomever they wish and breaking the criminal blockade imposed by US imperialism. From the... [Read more]

  • Bank of England must hand back Venezuela’s gold

    [Issue: July/August 2020]

    When Hugo Chávez took power in Venezuela in 1998, a chain of reaction was set off among the Venezuelan comprador elite and the US imperialism it served. The stratagems and dirty tricks that have been used to take this country back to its former position of being ‘owned’ by the US are many and... [Read more]

  • Call for solidarity with Venezuela

    [Issue: September/October 2019]

    On Monday 5 August US President Trump signed an executive order placing an embargo on the government of Venezuela, in effect placing an embargo on the whole of Venezuela. After the failed attempted coup of Juan Guaidó earlier this year, which was backed by the US, Venezuela now joins the likes of... [Read more]

  • It is imperative to halt the imperialist military adventure against Venezuela

    [Issue: March/April 2019]

    Statement by the Revolutionary Government of Cuba. It is imperative to halt the imperialist military adventure against Venezuela.FEB 14 2019The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba condemns the escalation of pressures and actions of the US government in preparation for a military... [Read more]

  • Cowardly attempt on the life of President Maduro of Venezuela

    [Issue: September/October 2018]

    On 4 August there was an attempt to assassinate President Maduro of Venezuela by use of drones equipped with explosive devices. Fortunately the attempt failed, and the perpetrators have been caught and arrested. The Venezuelan government’s investigations have revealed that the plot was hatched by... [Read more]

  • Congratulations to the government of Venezuela on the results of the regional elections on 15 October

    [Issue: November/December 2017]

    Despite being under siege from US imperialism and the local comprador bourgeoisie, who have been severely stepping up their acts of sabotage of the Venezuelan people’s economic interests, the people of Venezuela delivered through last month’s regional elections a resounding No to US imperialist... [Read more]

  • US imperialism threatens Venezuela with military intervention

    [Issue: September/October 2017]

    The situation in VenezuelaClass struggle in Venezuela, which has been severe throughout the years of the governments of Hugo Chávez and his successor Nicolás Maduro, has reached new heights in the current year. The comprador bourgeoisie, heavily backed and financed by US imperialism, has been... [Read more]

  • Defend Venezuela’s proposed new Constitution

    [Issue: July/August 2017]

    The bourgeois media have been full of outraged indignation about the fact that the government of Venezuela is now proposing to ask a National Constituent Assembly to draw up a new Constitution for Venezuela. All of a sudden various bourgeois mouthpieces have discovered that Chavez’s 1999... [Read more]

  • Manoeuvring by US imperialism to bring about regime change in Venezuela reaches hysterical proportions

    [Issue: May/June 2017]

    Fidel Castro once referred to the Organisation of American States (OAS) as the US’s Ministry of Colonies, and indeed its entire history is one of abject submission to US imperialism and promoter of US imperialist interests throughout Latin America.It is now being used to spearhead a propaganda... [Read more]

  • Tareck El Aissami – Communique from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Ministry of the People’s Power for Foreign Affairs

    [Issue: March/April 2017]

    The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela strongly condemns and rejects the arbitrary and extraterritorial actions by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), of the Department of the Treasury of the United States of America (USA) against the Executive Vice-President of the Bolivarian Republic of... [Read more]

  • Interview with the leader of the biggest workers’ union in Venezuela

    [Issue: January/February 2017]

    By: María Torrellas / Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / June 27, 2016, reproduced with thanks.Carlos López, current Secretary General of the Bolivarian Socialist Workers’ Central of Venezuela, visited Argentina in the framework of a tour with other union and social movement leaders of the... [Read more]

  • Venezuela: Maduro says it is time to end cohabitation and coexistence with the bourgeoisie

    [Issue: January/February 2016]

    On 6 December, legislative assembly elections were held in Venezuela which were disastrous for the ruling progressive Chavista government since they resulted in an opposition coalition (MUD – Movimiento de la Unidad Democrática) gaining a two-thirds majority in the legislative assembly.... [Read more]

  • Venezuela – coup attempt defeated

    [Issue: March/April 2015]

    In mid February 2015 the Venezuelan authorities discovered and foiled a plot by rogue elements of the air force to stage a coup against the government that would start by the bombing of a series of strategic targets in Caracas with a Super Tucano counter-insurgency plane piloted by one José... [Read more]

  • Venezuela: BBC forced to apologise

    [Issue: May/June 2010]

    It seems that the ‘objective’, ‘unbiased’ BBC is not quite as objective and unbiased as its masters in Britain’s imperialist bourgeoisie would have us – and the rest of the world – believe. The broadcaster has just been forced to apologise to the Venezuelan embassy for statements made by the... [Read more]

  • Cuba and Venezuela show the way

    [Issue: September/October 2005]

    Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s charismatic and tremendously popular President, has appeared frequently in the headlines of the world’s press over the past few weeks, as his democratic and anti-imperialist stance becomes ever stronger and the resultant imperialist hatred of him becomes ever more... [Read more]

  • Venezuela: masses triumph over another counter-revolutionary coup

    [Issue: March/April 2003]

    On 2 February this year, the popular government in Venezuela emerged triumphant from yet another attempt by the united forces of domestic and international capital to bring it down. Having surprised the coup-makers by their readiness to defend the ‘Bolivarian Revolution’ by force, the people of... [Read more]

  • VENEZUELA: US-directed anti-popular coup defeated by the will (and guns) of the people

    [Issue: May/June 2002]

    All the signs of an impending coup in Venezuela were there for the world to see. The US are the world leaders in the orchestration of coups in third world countries, but you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d become a little complacent, relying on the same formula applied in Chile and so many... [Read more]

  • Intervention of Emilio Lozada Garcia, Head of the International Relations Department of the CCPCC at the XXIII EIPCO, 20 October 2023

    [Issue: November/December 2023]

    On behalf of the Communist Party of Cuba, Emilio Lozada Garcia, Head of its International Relations Department addressed the 23rd edition of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, Türkiye, 20 October 2023.Dear Kemal Okuyan, General Secretary of the Communist Party of... [Read more]