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  • Grenfell Tower: cladding the culprit, but who is to blame?

    [Issue: September/October 2020]

    It has been more than three years and yet the families and friends of those who lost lives, were injured and lost their homes in the atrocity that occurred at Grenfell Tower are still a long way from seeing any conclusion to the public inquiry.The second phase of the inquiry, on hold since March... [Read more]

  • Grenfell update – the tragic result of capitalism’s need to put profits before people

    [Issue: September/October 2017]

    It has been just over two months since the horrific fire at Grenfell tower. In that time, the loudest and clearest response has come from the survivors of the fire and the other residents of the Lancaster West Estate, roundly, and correctly, criticising the council and the government for their... [Read more]

  • Grenfell – a case of mass murder through capitalist greed

    [Issue: July/August 2017]

    On 14 June 2017, at 12.54 am, residents on the fourth floor of Grenfell Tower on the Lancaster West estate in North Kensington, London were awoken by their neighbour shouting and banging on doors, and the first calls to 999 were recorded. There was fire and smoke coming from the flat, and the... [Read more]

  • Obituary: Benjamin Zephaniah – lifelong champion of the oppressed

    [Issue: January/February 2024]

    One of Britain’s most important and impactful cultural workers breathed his last breath on 7 December 2023, having been diagnosed with a brain tumour eight weeks previously.Benjamin Zephaniah was widely known as a poet, author and actor, but also as a tireless and courageous campaigner for... [Read more]

  • Planning reforms don’t address housing shortage

    [Issue: January/February 2021]

    Building more homes is not the answer unless they are built for those that need them.Amid the Covid pandemic, and as the first lockdown was opening up, the government announced a ‘once in a generation’ shake-up of England’s planning system. On 6 August 2020, the government published the White... [Read more]

  • Coronavirus impacting workers

    [Issue: May/June 2020]

    Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) indicate that economic growth in the UK was already grinding to a halt even before the pandemic hit. In the three months to February the economy grew by just 0.1%. Worse, during February the economy actually shrank by 0.1%, long before... [Read more]

  • The Brexit election and the death of Project Corbyn

    [Issue: January/February 2020]

    Rarely has the British public entered a general election with less enthusiasm or interest in the election campaigning and manifesto promises of its contending parliamentarians. Why? Largely because, as a nation, trust and belief in the statements of British bourgeois politicians is at an all-time... [Read more]