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  • Death of last British veteran of Spanish Civil War

    [Issue: November/December 2016]

    Stan Hilton, the last surviving Briton who fought in the legendary International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War, died today [Friday 21 October 2016] in Australia, aged 98.Stan was a 19-year-old merchant seaman when he jumped ship in the port of Alicante in November 1937. The Spanish people... [Read more]

  • On the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War and the International Brigades

    [Issue: September/October 2016]

    ” From all Peoples, from all races, you came to us like brothers, like sons of immortal Spain; and in the hardest days of the war, when the capital of the Spanish republic was threatened, it was you gallant comrades of the International Brigades, who helped save the city with your fighting... [Read more]

  • The Chinese volunteers who fought in the Spanish civil war – their amazing courage and obscure fates

    [Issue: September/October 2016]

    To mark the 80th anniversary of the start of the Spanish Civil War LALKAR is pleased to reproduce the following article by Gary Jones, with thanks. Illiterate farmers, manual labourers, civil servants – some 100 Chinese joined the International Brigades helping fight General Franco’s fascists... [Read more]

  • Dismembering history: How Trotskyism “remembers” the Spanish Civil War

    [Issue: September/October 2006]

    2006 sees the 70th anniversary of the fascist rebellion which triggered a three-year people’s war in defence of the Spanish Republic against General Franco’s fascist rebels, who were lavishly assisted by German and Italian fascism, and were further strengthened by the embargo on supplies to the... [Read more]

  • 37 refugees dead, hundreds injured in Spanish-Moroccan police massacre at Melilla border

    [Issue: July/August 2022]

    Alejandro López(Excerpts from an article taken from the WSWS website, with thanks)26 June 2022Spain’s Socialist Party (PSOE)-Podemos government, working with Moroccan police acting as the European Union’s border guards, have carried out a barbaric massacre at the borders of the Spanish enclave of... [Read more]

  • The origins of World War 2

    [Issue: March/April 2019]

    Presentation made to the Stalin Society, London, by Harpal Brar on 18 November 2018The Second World War was a continuation of the First World War. With the defeat of Germany, the First World War had strengthened the position of French and British imperialism, especially the latter. On the eve of... [Read more]

  • SYRIA: Warmongers hesitate on the brink

    [Issue: March/April 2013]

    The proxy war of intervention waged against the sovereign nation of Syria for the last two years has yet to achieve its goal of overturning the legitimate government and establishing a puppet government answerable to imperialism. Despite all the hardships and horrors inflicted upon the Syrian... [Read more]

  • Afghanistan: The utter failure of the imperialist predatory war

    [Issue: May/June 2012]

    “Five years ago the Americans were refusing to speak to the Taliban.  Now the Taliban are refusing to speak to the Americans.  That is a measure of how the balance of power has shifted in Afghanistan.  The western intervention there has failed.  As Nato prepares to withdrawn from the country in... [Read more]

  • Imperialist war drive against Syria intensifies

    [Issue: March/April 2012]

    Events in February were dominated by an intensified war drive against Syria, held back only by Russia and China’s refusal this time to allow the United Nations to be misused to sanction yet another war of conquest against a third world country and the firm stance of Syria’s leadership, armed... [Read more]

  • Afghanistan – Imperialism’s unwinnable war

    [Issue: November/December 2006]

    It will be recalled that shortly after the events of 11 September 2001 in America where Saudi and Egyptian men took over passenger airliners and destroyed the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York by flying into them, and likewise severely damaging the Pentagon building in Washington,... [Read more]

  • Colonel Africa – by Ilona Yegiazarova

    [Issue: March/April 2024]

    The following article is taken largely verbatim from an article written by Ilona Yegiazarova in the Moskovskaya Pravda of 18 September 2020. Some material irrelevant for the present purposes has been omitted and a few additional facts have been added. It recounts the life of a Spanish-born KGB... [Read more]

  • Oppenheimer the film, a review

    [Issue: September/October 2023]

    This film, directed and written by Christopher Nolan, currently on release and the subject of much publicity and hype, is well worth seeing on many levels.  It is a fascinating story, filmed with great artistry.  It is acknowledged to be based on the book American Prometheus by Kai Bird (2005).... [Read more]

  • How British Imperialism Crushed the Greek Revolution – Part 2

    [Issue: September/October 2022]

    (By Nina Kosta and George Korkovelos)The British in GreeceEnglish historian Elizabeth Barker writes that during WW2, the British government “continued to behave as if Greece was its fiefdom“. The only military aid that Britain gave to Greece was Italian loot from North Africa, while at the same... [Read more]

  • Hero of the working class – Kim Philby

    [Issue: March/April 2022]

    Kim Philby is a famous traitor – to British imperialism.  He spent the best years of his life working in the interests of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics against those who sought to undermine it and finish it off, mainly Nazi Germany and British imperialism.  His most important work took... [Read more]

  • Critique of the linguistic theory of Noam Chomsky

    [Issue: March/April 2020]

    Noam Chomsky, the American professor of linguistics, is well known in progressive circles for the courageous stand he took against US imperialism on the question of the Vietnam war, and which he continues to take on the question of peace in the Middle East. Because he sets a fine example of... [Read more]

  • Free Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange

    [Issue: May/June 2019]

    The renegade President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, has ordered the eviction of Julian Assange from his country’s embassy in London and a team of police was invited into the embassy to effect the eviction. Mr Assange was immediately arrested on 11 April on a charge of jumping bail, which is likely... [Read more]

  • The October Revolution: in Celebration of its 100TH Anniversary

    [Issue: September/October 2017]

    A festival of progressive humanityThe October revolution was an event of unsurpassed historical impact; an event which literally shook the world and has shaped the 20th century. For it at once sounded the death knell of imperialism and clearly indicated the future path of humanity’s development –... [Read more]

  • Ukraine: Kiev paints itself into a corner

    [Issue: November/December 2015]

    With Kiev’s continuing failure to break the military stalemate on the eastern front by a renewed offensive, compounded by its failure to paper over the significance of its default on eurobond debt, and now with the added pressure from Germany and France for Ukraine to fulfil its obligations... [Read more]

  • Ukraine: imperialism bites off more than it can chew

    [Issue: July/August 2014]

    For Washington, everything is going according to plan in Ukraine – except that nothing is going according to plan. Geeing up another “colour revolution” on the borders of Russia in the hope of pulling Ukraine into the EU/NATO bloc seemed to fit perfectly with the long term goals of... [Read more]

  • Obituary: Jimmy Reid

    [Issue: September/October 2010]

    Jimmy Reid, who passed away at the Inverclyde Hospital in Greenock on the night of Tuesday, 10 August, aged 78, was a remarkable working-class leader with a variety of interests and talents.  He was a Clydesider, a shipbuilder, a trade unionist, a fiery speaker, a self-taught intellectual, a... [Read more]